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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yummies For Y'all: The Fall Wardrobe Edition

Friday, of course, was the first day of Fall. (I like to capitalize the seasons. Especially my most favourite one.) I can, tres gratefully, say it has officially arrived in TEXAS. Hallelujah. This summer was downright and hellaciously hot. We survived (though my pretty plants didn't), but, boy howdy, I'm glad all that sweatin' is (mostly) behind us. The heat wreaked havoc on my big hair. I don't like anything messin' with my hair.

I covet so many things about Fall: crisp mornings, jack o’ lanterns, the leaves turning stunning colours (fancy spelling). But I L-O-V-E the clothes. You see, shorts and I are frenemies. They were, at times, necessary to wear – on those 108 degree days. However, I donned them begrudgingly. My legs hate shorts. Thus, I welcome jeans, sweaters and scarves with open arms. (Could you humor me and sing Journey’s “Open Arms” in your head – or out loud – for just a minute or two? I am.)
I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Fall fashions with y'all to get us totally stoked for this lovely time of the year. I'm so anxious to start wearing these. Yesterday. Today. Now. Yippee!!!

Nordstrom Cashmere Wrap

My sweet Hubby gave me the most exquisite cashmere wrap from Nordstrom for my last birthday. And he took me ice skating! It was my very first time (so romantic and, yet, so scary). I thought this was incredibly creative and special. It still makes me swoon. Though I couldn't find my exact wrap on the website, I'm totally diggin’ this one in pretty "Red Pepper." Bonus: It's on SALE.

Image via Nordstrom

"Betsy" Sweater from J. Crew

I ordered this little jewel on Thursday for my upcoming getaway to Santa Fe. I chose "Heather Saddle," but was quite enamored with the "Navy." Though I can’t attest to its fabulousness just yet, I feel confident it’ll be cozy AND chic. (The name alone is marvelous. I have personally adored it all of my life.)

P.S. The “spicy” red wrap would look gorgeous
with the navy sweater. Don’tcha think?

Image via J. Crew

Fossil "Super Skinny" Denim Jeans

(BTW: ELC and I heart all things Fossil
! We’ve loved this store for-ev-er. It absolutely gets better and better with each passing year!)

Don’t be intimidated by the "SUPER SKINNY" moniker. This doesn’t mean they're for teeny-tiny-malnourished models. Which is what I initially thought – before I tried them on. In reality, I actually think those verbs (Adverbs? Help, ELC! I don’t remember being very successful in diagramming sentences or excelling in grammar.) are used to tell you these jeans make YOU look super skinny! I have thighs and a rear that lean (aka: crash) towards the chunky side. (Well, they’re slightly less “crash-ier” since we discovered Dr. Dukan.) These jeans neatly (and firmly) keep all of my jiggle-y bits in place. I would equate them to "jeggings." They have an ample amount of stretch and are super-dee-duper comfy. I plan on living in these while out in public. Y'all are fully aware I'm in my yoga pants (and Piggy PJs!) when lounging at home.

Image via Fossil

UGG Australia "Cardy" Classic Knit Boots (in grey)

I'm obsessed with UGGs. I could literally sleep in them. I think these look marvelous when paired with skinny jeans. This particular boot is so versatile because it can be worn several different ways. Slouched down. Folded over. Etc. Confession: I wear my UGGs sans socks. I like to live on the wild side. And, no, my feet don’t perspire. They remain nice and toasty and moisture-free. TMI? Sorry.

Image via Nordstrom

I would love LOVE LOVE for you to share some of your Fall must-haves. Do tell!

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The Leightons said...


I'm not gonna lie: I'm not sure about the verb/adverb question. We seem to type/write the way we want to lately--instead of following grammar rules. We'll not fret about it--this time! LOL.

Next, you know this is true: I look forward to Autumn/Fall because it's when I don't have to get as many pedis! The pressure for pretty toes is officially off. It's time to wear my closed-toe shoes/boat tennies. I do so heart my little Antonio Melani cheetah patent-leather flats I found at Dillard's last February. Cute and comfy. I fear, however, I'll wear them plum out this season.

In terms of "fashion," I heart "Jacket Time!" Talbots is the place I find most of the jackets I adore--for their fit and style. But my favourite jacket last year was the one you and Lauren helped me find at Coldwater Creek. Remember--it was Fall colors in tweed--but also had some BLUES? It was the one that quickly became my "uniform." Yep--that one.

Wish I could wear Super Skinny Jeans. I think I could lose 30 more pounds and still that would never, ever, EVER work. Darnnit. Ah, youth.

Can't wait to see your "Autumn Extravaganza" decos next weekend, Punkin Girl!