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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Déjà vu: Deux

Back by popular demand—Déjà vu! Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. (But you had that feeling, right?) Back because we have some updates:

In J’Adore OPI, TLC raved (and maybe ranted, a skosh) about her love of all things OPI. She still hearts it—as does ELC. Dearly and truly. But TLC now also CRAVES Butter. Not the butter you eat. (ELC, however, does crave the butter you eat—specifically Land O’ Lakes. Darn Dukan Diet.) Two of her favourite (fancy spelling) Butter polishes include (but are not limited to):

(Her Royal Highness)
image via Pinterest and Nordstrom

Rosie Lee
image via Pinterest and Nordstrom

In Watch This! On Wednesdays!, TLC recommended the TV show Better With You. ELC and both of their Hubbies also truly enjoyed this clever show. Hope you saw it—because it’s officially GONE. We can’t bear to think about it. Sigh. We must move on.

ELC would like to suggest two new possible replacement shows:

She gets very tickled watching Happily Divorced—starring Fran Drescher! Who didn’t think The Nanny was hysterical? Okay, well, ELC’s Hubby. And maybe alot of other guys. The first Divorced shows are over and now, as ELC understands it, it will return in November. Or January? One of those weird split-season-thingys that only confuse ELC. Set your TIVOs—it’s on TVLand!

She had style! She had class! She was there!
That's how she became THE NANNY!
image via Amazon

The other show ELC thinks is a hoot-and-a-half is Melissa & Joey. On the ABC Family Channel. It’ll remind you of Who’s The Boss?! Who didn’t not love that show? No one. Surely. Everyone loved it. Even ELC’s Hubby. You know you did.

BTW: TLC isn’t TIVO-ing either one of ELC’s new cutie-patootie shows. Hmmm. ELC refuses to take it personally. So sorry, TLC, that ELC hasn’t remembered to TIVO your new fav show—Breaking Bad—on AMC. (We’re both grieving over the last season of The Closer. With every show that airs, we get tres verklempted. TLC actually called ELC—instead of texting—two weeks ago and said she was discovering she didn’t want that night’s episode to end. ELC shouted: “Shut the front door! I feel exactly the same way. I keep pausing it—to make it last as long as possible.” Why, Kyra, oh, why? They just aired the last show of the split season this week. It’ll actually come back for a few more episodes in November. Or at least TLC tells ELC this is the case. TLC better not be wrong.)

In Soul Food, ELC talked about books she and TLC adored, including Water for Elephants and The Help. ELC must now share a charming book Jackie recommended to her months ago: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. On the cover (of the paperback, at least), Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, (a book that completely enthralled ELC) says: “Treat yourself to this book, please—I can’t recommend it highly enough.” She is oh-so-right-on with that advice. ELC’ll admit it took her about a third of the way through to get totally engrossed and enraptured. (That might have to do with the fact she kept misplacing it—for three months. She’d read a few pages and temporarily lose it—read a few more and finally find it under one of her Hubby’s truck seats. Ditzy? Duh.) Once she made the commitment to keep it on her nightstand or in her purse, she fell in love with the characters. The story can be difficult, at times. It’s about WWII. Therefore, it’s tragically touching. Trust ELC: it's worth every tear. Your giggles and laughs will overcome any aching your heart experiences. TLC's going to take it on her upcoming trip to Santa Fe with her Hubby. It’s the quintessentially perfect book for plane rides. (Oh—and merci beaucoup, Jackie!)

In Trip Advisor and Count To Ten And Then A Hundred And Ten, ELC shares her thoughts on long driving vacations. She and her Hubby will soon embark on a 10-day-ish driving tour to Rhode Island—from Central Texas. Prayers—many of them, please—will be deeply appreciated.

In Crankyville, ELC expressed her devotion to Neosporin. Both ELC and TLC would like to add another product they simply could not live without: Q-Tips. We don’t know who thought of these perfect little sticks of incredibly heavenly cotton, but we’ll never be able to re-pay your GENIUS. Four thumbs up, whoever you are!

ELC got her pretty Piggy Pink Owl PJs (say that six times—fast!) in August. This darling company has been featured, once again, in O Magazine—the October 2011 issue. The three gals contribute to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. October—Breast Cancer Awareness Month (we realize you're very aware of this!)—will be here in three blinks. If you’re intrigued at the idea these PJs would make a most excellent gift for a family member or friend who has experienced breast cancer—or you need an extra-special Christmas gift for several peeps on your List—or you’re confident you yourself deserve some jammies you won’t want to ever take off—even to wash (remember, though, they get softer each time you do wash them)—you better get crackin’, rockin’, rollin’ and oinkin’! This time last year became insanely busy for the Three Little Piggies (after Oprah wore the Original Owls on her Yosemite trip). We predict this holiday season will be majorly tremendous for the Piggies. They have fun new designs, too (check out their exquisite Peacock PJs!). You’ll love ‘em. We cross-our-Piggy-lovin’-hearts!

CongratulatiOINKS, Piggy Gals!
image via Piggy Pajamas

Note from TLC to ELC:
Guess what?
This is a "sneak peak" of the fabric.
You can pre-order these fabulOINKS jammies now!
I'm just sayin'.
Peacock Pajamas = Best Christmas Gift EVER.
image via Piggy Pajamas

That’s it . . . that’s all . . . you’re officially Déjà Vu-ed.

smooches and ta-ta for now…


Unknown said...

Oh you lovely ladies! You know how much we heart you, right? Well, it's lots. Thoinks once again for the super sweet snout-out. You gals are the bestest! Oh, and can you believe I JUST stumbled across a Melissa & Joey marathon last week?! Definitely cute, though I'm a little ashamed to admit I watched a good six episodes back to back. Oopsies.

Peace & Peacocks!

The Leightons said...

You are tooo gracious and kind, Ms. Piggy Gal!!! We both thank YOU for your sweet words. All y'all are most welcome--and most deserving!

A Melissa & Joey Marathon? Wow. Aren't they tres darling? Those two kids? AWESOME. ELC would LOVE to watch every one of these shows six more times each! Minimum. (Would it be wrong for her to want transcripts from the shows? Hmmm. Apparently TLC thinks so. Darn.)

Dejas & Vus, Piggy Peeps!