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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So y’all know TLC adores Piggy Pajamas (click on the link!). And you know I am a breast cancer survivor (click on the link!), although I don’t really like being called a “survivor”—because that’s what I believe we all are when we’ve made it through another day.

What you don’t know is that I am now the proud owner of Pink Owl Pajamas! Woo Hoo!!! TLC got her (original) Owl Pajamas for her last birthday (they were supposed to be a Christmas treat, but this deserving company got overwhelmed with orders after Oprah wore the pjs on her Yosemite trip last Fall. It ended up working out perfectly for TLC’s birthday.) Wish I had the super-clever-cute emails I received from them. They kept me posted every few weeks on the status of my order—which I deeply appreciated. When the jammies arrived, TLC fell in love with them immediately. Wore them that night and said they were/are absolutely the most incredible pjs on Earth. Each time she washes them, they get softer!

Check out their website (click on the link!) and read about Jennifer, Kacy and Stacy, the “three little piggies.” Look at all of their amazing products and see how charming/funny they are! Then go to their blog (click on the link!) and enjoy more of their humor—as a fantastic bonus. They post specials there and on their Facebook (for which TLC and I have not yet succumbed) and Twitter. (TLC does have a Twitter account, but, supposedly, only uses it to keep up with her favorite celebrities—swears she has never actually done a “tweet”—do we believe her?)

When I recently read about their Pink Owl pjs and the fact that the Piggy Gals support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I decided I’d get TLC to suggest that Hubby gift me a pair for Christmas. Then, while sipping on an iced coffee and reading The Piggy Lounge one lazy, “dog days” afternoon, I asked myself: Why? Why would I wait? I need them. Yesterday. They got here (North Central Texas) in almost no time at all--from Santa Barbara. Hubby and I were actually out of state when I received the email that they’d been shipped. I was greeted with the package at our Post Office this past Tuesday and had them on within seconds of walking into our casa that evening.

ELC's NEW Pink Owl PJs
(notice the silly owl pillow --
in TLC's old bedroom -- aka:  the guest room --
a tribute to T's LOVE of all things OWL) 

They say these pjs are made from 100% organic cotton knit. I think they’re made by beautiful little Fairies—or kind little Keebler Elves—in a lush garden paradise or a secluded mountain retreat—from Land O’ Lakes butter, whipped Philadelphia cream cheese, marshmallow crème and fairy dust. I’m tellin’ y’all the absolute truth: they feel like you’re wearing clouds from heaven. HEAVEN.

Now I know why TLC has threatened to wear them to work. I can see it happening—me walking around Wally World—grinning at the Greeters, shopping, smiling—and wearin’ my Pink Owl Pajamas. (Seriously, I did see a little Granny Lady there last week in her Moo-Moo gown.  She looked darling and tres comfy. Good for her and her chutzpah!)

The Piggies now giggle at us Wacky Leightons—so you’ll see “the Leighton Ladies” mentioned in The Piggy Lounge. Thank you for the “snout outs!” We are much-obliged!

Do yourself a big favor (or someone you love!) and order a pair of these divine jammies—or two or three. We’re three blinks away from the Christmas season and we have a feeling those “three little piggies” are, once again, going to be overwhelmed with orders. Seriously. 

Snout-ellujah, Y’all!

P.S. Not only do these lovely ladies support the National Breast Cancer Foundation with their precious pjs, they also have another scrumptious pair for a very marvelous organization called the Dream Foundation.  Please go take a peek ASAP.


Autumn said...

Hmmmm. A question: If the piggy pajamas were made by Keebler Elves, wouldn't they come with cookies (preferably chocolate ones) in the pockets? Which wouldn't be a bad thing, would it?

The Leightons said...

Well, I think you're right, Autumn. They would have cookies in the pockets. So let's go with the Fairies! We surely couldn't see fairy dust, could we?

You are crackin' me up...


Unknown said...

We love you Leighton ladies! Thoinks so much for the snout-out. And I know we keep saying it... we've never met, don't know each other, yada yada... but I'm starting to think of 'ya'll' as some kindred piggies I'd very much like to meet one day! And Autumn... we are foodies to the 10th power (and not-so-closet chocoholics), so if it's cookies you want ma'am? Well, that can be arranged. :)

The Leightons said...

Three Little Piggies:

Y'all KNOW we HEART you, too! We surely MUST meet some day. We do feel as though we are truly kindred piggy spirits.

Since I have received my YUMMY jammies, could you just send me cookies? J/K! Sort of. Okay, yes, I am. Dr. Dukan is no fun--he doesn't really encourage/allow cookies. Darnitall.