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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aaannnnddddd... DONE.

About three weeks ago, Hubby came into my home office one late afternoon—for a visit. Before he went outside to do our most favorite Texas Summertime Job—watering. I thought it would be interesting to ask him this:

ELC: If you could only go to ONE of these stores—Costco, Lowe’s, Home Depot or Tractor Supply—for the rest of your life—and MY life would be endangered if you cheated—which one would you pick?

Please note: I did not include Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Wally World, Central Market or
Market Street. I thought those would be too much for his heart and soul.

HUBBY: Why? Why are you asking me this?

ELC: Just for fun. Just think about it and pick one. Humor me.

He thought and thought. And thought. A full minute went by.

HUBBY:  Now why are we doing this? Was this on some daytime TV show or something?

ELC: For the one zillionth time—I don’t watch daytime TV. Just answer.

Sheesh. With pain on his face, he thought for about twenty more seconds.

HUBBY: It’s impossible. It’s not fair. I can’t think about picking just one of those.

I felt sorry for him. So I took Costco out. Leaving three. Another thirty seconds went by. I caved again—and took Tractor Supply out. He still did NOT want to have to choose between Home Depot and Lowe’s. Finally, with anguish in his eyes, he said:

Well, I guess I’d give up Home Depot. But I don’t like this.”

I knew he’d have to say that store. I know him sooo well after thirty-four years.

HUBBY: Now let’s have you play this ridiculous game.

Sure! Only he couldn’t even decide which four stores to give me. I had to pick my own. Talk about “not fair.”

ELC: I’ll give myself Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Target and Wally World.

HUBBY: Okay, yes, I would have done those four. (Right. I’ll bet.) So which would you keep if you had to eliminate three and MY life would be endangered if you cheated.

ELC: I’d give them all up except Target.

No hesitation. No three full minutes of agony. DONE.

He smiled, got up and sauntered out the back door. Hasn’t dropped by my office for a little chat since! Cute, Sweet, Silly Man O’ Mine.

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Unknown said...

I am most certainly trying this tonight with my hubby! I predict a similar interaction. :)