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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Quite Kate and Mum, But...

Well, we're quickly approaching our NINTH week of being on the Dukan Diet. We're TOTALLY rockin' it. (If I do say so myself.) Our pants are loser. Our allergies are gone. We're getting fresh (HOT) air daily as we walk and jog. We've truly revolutionized the way we eat. I'm incredibly proud of both of us. This is a huge feat for two well-known sugar-addicts. Though nothing will ever replace a big ol' slice of birthday cake with a scoop of Blue Bell, here are a few things we've grown quite fond of:

1. Fage Greek Yogurt. ELC prefers the plain "0%" and I prefer the Cherry Pomegranate "0%." ELC sweetens hers with a Splenda and a splash of vanilla extract. It tastes very similar to fruit dip. I just happen to be a fruity gal. We both mix our 2 tablespoons of oat bran (which we refer to as “OB”) into the yogurt for breakfast. It gives it almost a crunchy, yet creamy texture. Then, if we need a treat in the evening, we have four to six ounces more – without the OB. Yum.

2. Splenda. Oh, Splenda. It's so sweet. Very little needs to be said about this miracle invention. It clearly speaks for itself.

3. Iced Coffee. It's hotter than h-e-double-hockey-sticks in this here part of Texas. We discovered iced coffee is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. We like to add 2 Splendas and fat-free milk (though I'm gradually moving to the dark side – where fat-free half-n-half lives).

4. Diet A&W Root Beer. Oh my. It's like dessert. In a can.

5. Grilled onions. They're sweet and savory and pair perfectly with a scrumptious (and lean) grilled burger or chicken breast.

6. Roasted veggies. I believe there’s no better way to prepare veggies than roasting them. They practically caramelize in the oven. I buy whatever is available and looks divine at my local Market Street that week. I’ll use a little Pam Olive Oil (ELC uses the Original Pam, as Dr. Dukan really doesn’t allow olive oil until the Fourth Phase – obviously I’m a rebel.), kosher salt and pepper. I'll roast them for about 18 minutes in a oven preheated to 425 degrees. It's pure Heaven on a plate.

7. Apples.  Now that we've moved on to "Phase 3" we can have one piece (or one cup) of fruit per day. My favorite? Pink Lady Apples. They are the perfect balance of tart and sweet. ELC’s favorite? Red Delicious.

8. Balsamic Vinegar. One word: VELVETY.

9. Hard-boiled eggs. ELC makes a yummy egg salad with fat-free cottage cheese, mustard, and pickles.

10. Subway Grilled Chicken Salads. These are oh-so filling. ELC discovered this option on the parents’ trip to Estes Park. We have the “Sandwich Artists” load us up with lots o' veggies. Including the pickled jalapeƱos. We're wild.

Though we both still have a bit farther to go to reach our goals, we’re confident and determined to make this a permanent lifestyle change. We help keep each other upbeat, positive, encouraged, hopeful and excited about our efforts and success. But we can’t lie – we’re also counting down the days until we can treasure a few tiny bites of the Red Velvet Cheesecake from my beloved Cheesecake Factory.


Autumn said...

So when you both achieve your goals, may we expect photos of the new svelte Leightons? In 'big nose and moustache' glasses, of course!

The Leightons said...

Unfortunately, Ms. Autumn, we're currently in talks with People Magazine for an exclusive cover of our new "svelte-ness." Since TLC is very close to her goal, it's now up to me to achieve mine (three more months, I fear), so we can close on the deal. I will tell you they seem to be opposed to the big noses and mustache glasses. Killjoys. Every one of 'em.



The Leightons said...


I think you forgot Extra "Desserts" gum in Mint Chocolate Chip! Right? Has truly gotten us through some tough nights of wanting SUGAR and CHOCOLATE.

Also, I want to encourage new peeps to Greek yogurt to stir and stir until really, super creamy. The more your stir--particularly without OB (oat bran)--the yummier it gets!!! And some may not know what "fruit dip" you're referring to: it's the one with marshmallow cream and Eagle Brand milk. Sigh. And a shiver or two.

Thank you. That's all. For now. LOL.

MOM/ELC/Dukan Darling