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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rockport Riviera

So I’ve prepared for you this Sweet Sunday (oops—been watchin’ too many “Chef” shows like Chopped, Master Chef, Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star—and that’s what they all tell the judges—sorry) some thoughts on our trip to Rockport, Texas, a few weeks ago.  

My FisherHubbyMan has always treasured Port Aransas, Texas. I doubt he could even count how many trips he’s made in the past forty-ish years. Although I’m not a FisherWifeGal, I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying him many times to Port Aransas/Corpus Christi/South Padre Island. TLC has also been with us on several of these trips. About seventeen years ago, we made a 30-minute drive from Port A (as it is fondly called by many) to Rockport, with TLC, to experience a famous (South Texas Coast) restaurant called The Boiling Pot.

I don’t like or want to fish. I don’t like to think about fishing. I don’t really enjoy watching others fish (with the exception of The Deadliest Catch!). And I really don’t like to eat most fish. Let me clarify: I do enjoy a little tuna with my mayo. I’ve been known to order fried catfish (to go with my tartar sauce) or shrimp—I actually love shrimp cooked many ways, lobster (who doesn't love it?), and crab. On our recent trip to Rockport, I discovered I heart flounder! Who knew? I do not want to even look at: calamari (TLC, Hubby and Her Hubby all adore this gross-looking sea creature—while I gag), raw oysters or any other truly yucky, fishy-smelling slimy-swimmers. I don’t do salmon. I’m totally aware of how healthy it would be for me to like and eat it. I do so get that. Hubby tells me, I exaggerate not, once a week. Every week. Every month. Year after year. Eat salmon! Simply won’t happen. (Dr. Oz can’t convince me, either.)

At The Boiling Pot, you sit at tables covered in butcher paper. They bring out a pot of fantastic shrimp, crab, sausage, potatoes and corn and pour it in front of you—on said paper. You eat all of this with your hands/fingers. Since I often eat a burger with a knife and fork, I had to adjust to this idea. TLC got the (necessary) t-shirt. It was great!

That had been our only trip to Rockport until the four of us decided to do a short little vacation there in July. We stayed three nights. TLC and her Hubby stayed two. The guys went on a guided fishing trip out in the Corpus Christi Bay. TLC and I went on our own little “self-guided” shopping trip in Rockport. Yep—except for the dadgum heat—we were in Shopping Heaven.

If you Google Rockport, Texas, you might find the “official” City website. You’ll discover they refer to this quaint town as a “fishing village” and a “coastal hideaway for wealthy Texans since the 1800s.”

Although we, unfortunately, aren’t any of those “wealthy” Texans (Yet. Still crossing our fingers one of us will win the Texas Lottery.), the four of us would like to recommend The Lighthouse Inn at Aransas Bay, where we lodged. It was very reasonable, clean, and, of course, historic! You can get rooms with little kitchens and dockside views of the Bay. The Staff was extremely nice and there’s a beautiful pool.

Hubby, TLC, and TLC's Hub
Strollin' to the pier at The Lighthouse Inn

We’d also like to recommend the following restaurants (this will now confuse you—because we didn’t eat at The Boiling Pot this trip—we weren’t there long enough and had other places we were interested in trying—but if you go, you simply MUST eat there): Latitude 28.02 (a fantastic restaurant and art gallery and where I tasted the fabulous flounder I now adore!); Glow (a newer restaurant in Rockport—charmingly cozy/intimate and very delish!); and Moondog’s Seaside Eatery (TLC and her Hubby dined there and said it was a blast!) Casual (Silly moi. Almost every restaurant in Rockport is casual!)—with seating outside to enjoy the view of the Bay.

TLC and I found our two favourite (fancy spelling) shops (there are many others that are wonderful!): Kate Jones and Bay Window.

I have a mirrored tray on my bathroom vanity that holds two colognes and three special bottles. Chanel No. 5—for our Fifth Child—who adores Chanel—being one of the colognes. Four months back, I accidentally knocked off (and shattered) one of the three bottles, given to me by a dear friend several Christmases ago. I was heartbroken at my clumsiness and had been looking for a replacement. Voila! Found it at Kate Jones.

My new bottle is the one on the left at the front—
With the pretty green and blue flowers and little blue sparkle rhinestones!

Bay Window is actually one big, long building with two entrances—one entrance for their clothes (gals and guys) and jewelry, the other entrance for their beautiful “beachy” home décor items. The two salesladies in the home décor side were precious! Tres friendly and helpful. I’m sorry I didn’t get their names—to thank them for their kindness. They even recommended a great place for TLC to get a pedi.

We all feel Rockport is going nowhere but UP and BIG! We can’t wait to go back. We’re thinking anytime between January and June and/or September and December (July and August are HOT—anywhere in Texas—even when we’re not in a HELLACIOUS drought) would be glorious! Marvelously Memorable! Visit sometime soon—and look for George Strait’s bayside home (he IS one of the wealthy Texans who “hideaway” in Rockport)!

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