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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Laughing Our Toes Off!

When ELC could (finally) remember what LMAO (“Laughing My A*_ Off” for those of you still in the dark or possibly just over 55) meant without having to ask TLC (that was only about three months ago—yep, ELC’s kind of slow like that), she said:

“Hey, T., this is really not very nice. Let’s replace the “A” with other friendlier/politically correctier (new word and feel free to use it as often as you'd like)/and/or sillier words.”

And so began a new ELC GAME.

In Honor of the 28th day of September, we share with y’all fourteen (yep: 14 + 14 = 28), although we have oh-so-many more it’s ridiculous, of our LMAOs we’ve recently shouted/emailed/texted.


LMBPO—(Butter polish);
LMCO—(cupcakes—double duh);
LMTBO—(Twilight books);
LMSO—(Scentsy—absolutely fabulous);
LMTO—(tiara—“If it fits…”);
LMGO—(glitter—triple duh);
LMCBO—(Crack Brownies);
LMJBO—(jiggly bits);
LMCSO—(Chap Stick--ELC’s nightmare);
LMSTFDO—(Shut The Front Door).


LMPO—(pores—if only);
LMKO—(knees, of course, although it could be knuckles);
LMTBBBO—(Teddy Buddy Boo Bear);
LMDDO—(Diet Dews);
LMEPBO—(elephant PIGGY bank—trunk up!)
LMTIVOO—(no explanation necessary);
LMFMO—(fridge magnets);
LOGYDO—(Our Greek Yogurt Diet);
LMWO—(wrinkles—if only);
LMFTO—(flabby thighs);
LMELLO—(Estee Lauder lipstick).

In the interest of common decency, and because we are all a little too guilty of saying words we shouldn’t say (ELC = The Worst), we challenge each of you to think of new ways to express your LMAOs. Work with us—you know it could be uber FUN!!!



Unknown said...

LMJBO - If Only! That is an excercise I could get into! :)

LMCO - chocolate
LMGO - glasses
LMBO - belly (you may add jiggly for added emphasis)

I acutally like TOES! Too cute. Though, I might have to adjust to LMPO - piggies. :)

You girls are more fun that a tub of icing and some honey grahams.

The Leightons said...

Ooohhhhhh--ADORE all of your LMAO suggestions/ideas! AWESOME. Yes--we all need to say "piggies" instead of "toes"--in y'all's HONOR. Done.

We think YOU are more fun than that tub of icing with honey grahams and CHOCOLATE syrup. And some Hershey's kisses. And Peanut M&Ms. (We'll all have jiggly-bellies together.)

Merci and Smooches to the Totally Terrific Three Little Piggy Gals!


p.s.--Pico de Mico? HYSTERICAL. (The name--not your scrumptious recipe!) Too clever for words. I still giggle when I even think of it.