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Saturday, October 1, 2011

OOG (Oh Our Gosh)! It's October!!!

Praise the Lord. Seriously, who doesn’t love October? If you aren’t cRaZy about Halloween, aren’t you OBSESSED with the OBVIOUSLY OFFICIAL beginning of the holiday season? We’d like to take this OPPORTUNITY to OVERWHELM y’all with “Os!”

Don’t be: OBSOLETE; OBDURATE (OKAY—so you don’t have to look it up—it means stubborn and unyielding); overaggressive; OPPRESSIVE; OBSCENE (this is for you Googlers of “nude Indian leg wrestling”—and you know who you are); offensive; ORDINARY;  ornery; OUT-OF-DATE; opaque (you can wear opaque tights, though); OSTENTATIOUS (that’s OBNOXIOUS—seriously obnoxious); overanxious; OPPOSITIONAL; overtired; OVERCAUTIOUS; OBSEQUIOUS (go ahead and look that up); or OBSTREPEROUS (while you’re there, look this up, too). Seriously, don’t be obstreperous (hard to say six times in a row—fast—just try it). It’s obstructive.

Do be: OUTSTANDING; openminded; ORDERLY (when necessary); ORIGINAL (OF course!); OUTRAGEOUS (when appropriate!); optimistic; OBEDIENT (occasionally); and outspoken (especially when you feel passionate about an injustice).

Go ON-LINE and find out everything you can about: OKLAHOMA; the Orient; OREGON; Ontario; OUIJA boards; The Wizard of OZ; Dr. Oz; the ocean; and the OZONE layer. Couldn’t hurt to learn more about: OCELOTS; owls (TLC’s favorite bird and OPRAH and those Three Little Piggies like ‘em, too!); OCTOPUSES—OCTOPI?; ostriches; OPPOSUMS; OTTERS; and all things OINKY!

Eat: ORGANIC OAT BRAN (Dr. Dukan would be proud!); okra (Paula’s fried—YUMMO. BTW: Dr. Dukan would not be proud.); ONIONS (be ready to brush your teeth); and ORANGES that come straight from the ORCHARD (sooo good for you).

Put on a fancy ORGANZA dress and attend the OPERA. Listen, specifically, for the OBOE in the ORCHESTRA. Learn ORIGAMI. You really OUGHT to make your own Christmas ORNAMENTS so you won’t OVERSPEND or OVERINDULGE on OPULENT OBJECTS. Take an OATH to go OUTDOORS, in a cute little camo OUTFIT. Get some OXYGEN, climb an OAK tree, and be OBLIVIOUS to OTHERS’ OUTBURSTS.

OKAY… this isn’t just OPEN-AND-SHUT. It may be an ORDEAL to read our ONGOING OPINIONS, but one of us is OLD, so please OPEN your minds to this OCULAR OVERLOAD.

Let’s move ONWARD: OPT to OVERCOME hardships, unpleasant ODORS, and OBSCURE and ODD OFF-Broadway actors who sing OFFKEY and lack OOMPH (we aren’t implying anyone in particular.) Don’t OVERWORK, OVERSLEEP or OVERESTIMATE your OPPONENTS. You might have to OBLITERATE them to OBLIVION. (OOPS—OVERDOING and getting a little OUTLAW-ish.)

Push aside OBSTACLES and OWN the space you OCCUPY on this Earth.

It’s 7-ish—in the a.m. Time for all OCTOGENARIANS to eat that obligatory oatmeal and say:



Autumn said...

Well, gals, I think you OUTDID yourselves on this one! So many new words. I feel positively OBTUSE.

Unknown said...

I was going to say how OUTLANDISH that whole ORATION (assuming you read it out loud... wish I could say that I did) was, but truly it made me ORALLY beam (i.e. smile), because it was so OVER-THE-TOP fabulous. :)

The Leightons said...

To Ms. Autumn:

Yes, yes we might have had to look "obtuse" up. Just to confirm that we knew what it was. (Actually, ELC thought it had something to do with a triangle.)

You are NOT now--and never have been--obtuse. In fact, you are quite the OPPOSITE.

Silly, Silly Autumn.

MERCI, Sweet Friend!!! We do so appreciate your OPINION.



The Leightons said...

To Precious Ms. Piggy Gal:

WOW--you are GOOD. "Orally beam?" BRILLIANT.

We might be OVERFOND of your OBSERVATIONS, but we could NEVER be OVERPROUD or OVERPRAISE you.

We ORALLY BEAM every single time we read The Piggy Lounge. And we OWE you OUR OFFICIAL OINKY-DORATION (in Texas, that's one million times better than adoration--promise--cross our hearts).

THANK YOU and Smooches,