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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On A Break

Remember, Friends’ fans, the “break” Rachel and Ross took? For how long—a couple of seasons?

Well, we’re not taking a “break” from each other—technically. Just from our individual schedules (if you’d like, you could have fun and say this in a British accent—shehshules—we often do—but, then, we are of English heritage—the Leightons—of Leeds). LOL.

We’ll be out-of-pocket until Sunday, October 16th-ish. Look for our next post that day—definitely no later than Tuesday, the 18th. Cross our breakin’ hearts.

To keep you amused until then, we have some suggestions:

Check out our “eye candy” to the right—underneath our goofy-and-possibly-scary pictures—and look at their websites! It is getting frighteningly close to Christmas, yes? They all have fabulous gift items to check out. Chop-Chop, though.

Also consider going back through our Yummies and Yeehaws—for other gift, Etsy and unique ideas.

Or, if you’ve missed some of our posts in the past, this would be a GREAT time to catch up! Tee Hee Hee.

Five of ELC’S Favourite Posts Written by TLC:

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Five of TLC’s Favourite Posts Written by ELC:

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Most of you know the song “Happy Trails,” don’t you? Please say YES. And PLEASE sing it now, to yourself (well, sing the last line, as set out below—unless you know all the words). Picture (and hear) us singing it with you, okay? BTW: ELC sounds very much like Celine Dion and TLC sounds eerily like Adele—just to help you get the audio part of this little exercise as close to reality as possible.

Actually, this could make it even better: If you know who Dale and Roy Rogers are, picture—and hear—them singing with all of us (in fact, why don’t you buy this awesome/vintage/Americana Cowboy song off iTunes?):

HAPPY TRAILS to you, until we meet again…

p.s. We can’t get over what fabulous singers we really are—WOW. NLOL. Not. YYWAS. Yes, Yes We Are, Sillies. But y’all are amazingly FABULOUS singers yourselves. Close your eyes and visualize us applauding and giving all y’all a standing ovation!

p.p.s. Go Texas Rangers!!!

1 comment:

Autumn said...

You gals are CERTIFIABLE. And I mean that in the best possible way. Truly. There will definitely be a bit less sunshine in our lives, until October 16-ish. Hope you have fun. Just don't decide to take a break with any regularity, please.