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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Snapshots from Santa Fe

My husband and I spent the loveliest Columbus Day weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’d never been before. Well, ELC tells me I was there when I was 4-ish. I don’t remember a thing.

It has to be one of the most charming towns anywhere on Earth. We spent 75% of our time eating at scrumptious restaurants, 20% walking around while enjoying the crisp weather and beautiful scenery, and 5% driving. (Either to Taos or in search of an air pump for an annoyingly low rental car tire. Long story. Apparently SF was out of air. I’m totally serious.) It was the perfect way to unwind from a long, hot, Texas summer.

If you go, you must frequent any or all of my Top Five Santa Fe Finds:

1. Lunch at The Pink Adobe.
We ate here our first afternoon in SF. They have delicious French Onion Soup, a World Famous Apple Pie, and the most eclectically awesome ambiance. Bonus: They serve you freshly popped popcorn while you wait for your food! YUM.

Look!  The popcorn machine!

2. The Loretto Chapel. It has a beautiful and miraculous staircase. Do consider Googling it. The story of its history is fascinating. I also thought the stained glass windows were breathtakingly exquisite. It was very crowded, yet surprisingly peaceful as we entered and walked around.

3. The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and The O'Keeffe Cafe. Admission into the museum is FREE (HOLLA!) the first Friday of every month from 5-7pm. You can bet your bottom dollar Hubs and I took them up on this offer. And even though he's not typically interested in abstract art, I could tell he did appreciate the impact and legacy Ms. O’Keeffe left on this World. Afterwards, we had dinner next door at The O'Keeffe Cafe. This was, by far, my favourite evening. The restaurant was cozy and quaint. The service was outstanding. The food and wine list were BEYOND. They even sent us on our way with two homemade truffles to enjoy. Remarkably phenomenal.

4. Lunch at The Shed and shopping at The Rose’s, a sweet little store next door, while you wait for a table. Because you will wait if you don’t have a reservation. (Oops. My bad.) The Shed has traditional Santa Fe fare. Their green chili is divine. I highly recommend their chicken enchiladas. I also made my most memorable purchase of the trip at The Rose’s. It's a unique, vintage turquoise ring. The nicest lady behind the counter was such a pleasure to chat with while browsing. She definitely helped our 45-minute wait fly by.

Thank goodness my dream isn't to become a hand model. 
I never realized my zoomed-in fingers were so scary.

5. Breakfast at Cafe Pasqual's. Oh, my gosh. Y'all. Their food is knock-your-socks-off yummy. However, the restaurant itself is TEENY. Itty-bitty. Get there early. Their homemade chorizo is life changing.

While in SF, we stayed at The Inn on the Alameda. It was pretty, quiet and comfortable, with great service. They must burn piñon wood 24/7, too. It constantly smelled Heavenly
. I wish I could’ve bottled that fragrance up. I've since added a chiminea and piñon wood to my 2011 Christmas Wish List, ELC. Hint. Hint.

Don't you just L-O-V-E adobe?

We also drove to Taos on Sunday. The drive was relaxing, interesting and gorgeous. At one point, the road is parallel to the Rio Grande River. It was nature at its finest. WOWZER.
The Rio Grande Gorge outside of Taos.

I'm deeply grateful we were able to get away for a long weekend. I can't say enough about Santa Fe and all of its magic. We hope to be able to return someday – soon!

P.S. This is what happens when you wrangle your husband into taking a picture of you next to an odd, yet intriguing, wooden statue. He’s such a little hoot.



Autumn said...

Isn't Santa Fe enchanting? And you're right, the pinon wood they burn is exquisite. On one trip, I brought home a little incense burner and pinon cubes of incense. Burned 'em for years. Hmmm....wonder if I could find some online?

The Leightons said...

Ooooo! Piñon cubes! I'm headed to Google that now.

Thank you, sweet Autumn! Fabulous tip!

Though I did see chimineas on sale at Market Street this past weekend. I'm just sayin', ELC.