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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Destination: DECEMBER!

We’ve made the DECISION to DENOTE the DEPTH of this DELIGHTFUL month!

Be DIGNIFIED. Doodle. DONATE. Doze. DREAM. Decaffeinate! Be DAINTY (occasionally). Decorate! DEFY (the odds)! Be Distinctive. DOUBLECHECK. Be Dynamic! DABBLE (in lots o’ fun things)! Defend (yourself—and others). DETOXIFY! Discourage (meanness, among other bad behaviors!). DISCUSS. Be Dutiful. DECOMPRESS.

DON'T be: Dramatic. DELIRIOUS. Devilish, Decadent or Deceiptful. DANGEROUS. Don’t Drink and Drive. Don’t DAWDLE. Or Demand. Or DISRUPT. Don’t be Despicable (that’s DIPPY). Don’t be DISAGREEABLE. Don’t be a DIVA (but you can pretend to be a DUCHESS, if you'd like!). Don’t Doublepark. Or be a DAMSEL in DISTRESS.

Eat DESSERT First! Have a Daiquiri! Develop a Diligent Diplomacy. Discipline your Diet (well, 75% of the time). Disguise Devious and Deceptive Demeanor (hey—just don’t even be either one of those things, okay?).

DEDICATE and DEVOTE your life to being DARLING, Demure (in a strong/tough way!), DIVINE, Down-to-earth, Delicate, and DEPENDABLE.

Don’t you just adore: DAFFODILS, dachshunds, DOLPHINS, doughnuts, DAISIES (one of our most favourite flowers!), and DALMATIONS (ooohhhhhh—Cruella DeVILLE—Dark and Diabolic and Dictatorial and Dishonest); DENIM (ELC’s favourite and signature fashion necessity!), DIAMONDS (they are a girl’s best friend!), and Dancing With the Stars; DEBONAIR Dandies, Apple DANISHES, Demitasse cups, DOLLY Parton; Divinity, DISCOS, Dimples, and Déjà vu?

This is the time of year: for all Dads to have Duets with their Daughters; to Delve Daily into Deep Devotionals; to be DIZZY with excitement; to Dismiss and Desolve Debate; to Declare Dear Domestic Deer Deserving of a Distinguished and Dashing Dynasty; for Holiday Dinners, Dishes and Dips that Drizzle Dazzle!



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