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Friday, November 25, 2011

November Impatiens

At first glance, one might think I spelled impatience wrong. And that what I’m doing is trying to express a deep desire for Santa to be here. Both of those assumptions would be wrong, Sillies. Not only do I pay attention to spell-check (Ha! I got the red-line to spellcheck spell-check!), but I also won’t hesitate to use my Oxford Dictionary—when in doubt. The actual book (albeit paperback). With these two exceptions: when I’m totally making up new ways to spell words or when I'm making up completely new words. Then I don’t need no stinkin’ dictionary. Tee Hee-Haw.

Today is not a case of me making up a new word—or misspelling an old one. Also, it’s TLC that is the “Ms. All Things Christmas/Santa.” Not moi. Please don’t get me wrong: I definitely adore Christmas. I’m just not as obsessed with it as My Sweet Daughter.

I’m talking about the flowers—impatiens! I took this picture yesterday. November 24th. 2011. This pot o’ impatiens is on our front porch. Look at those precious little red jewels! How psychic was I when I planted them in May? Red—for Christmas!

I worked and worked all Summer (yes, I know “summer” really shouldn’t be capitalized—however, I must capitalize all Four Seasons—they’re too important) long to keep them alive. I quit trying at the end of September. I was exhausted. It had seemed so hopeless.They were never watered again until we put in two new shrubby-trees (not sure of their scientific name), three weeks ago, in close proximity to said impatiens. Hubby has watered the new shrubs every couple of days since then—so he’s watered the impatiens. The shrubs get two minutes each. The impatiens about ten seconds. Seriously.

These white impatiens are about three feet from the red ones. They’re in a firepit (also near the shrubs) I use as a planter. They get about as much water as the red ones. They're low priority to My Cute Hubby.

Then we have our lantana—which I've pictured in the past (see Sweet September on September 3rd). Look at them going strong! Usually the little orangy-yellow flowers have vanished by the middle-ish of October. Still here. Stubborn, aren't they? Wow.

November—in Texas(not California, Florida or Hawaii, but TEXAS)




p.s. Five more days ‘til December, TLC! 30 more days until Christmas! Yikes.

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