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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Your Gratitude On!

We know. We’ve done a “gratitude” post before. To be exact: September 17th. “From Deep in the Grateful Heart of Texas.” But ELC had rules for that one. This time, there are NO RULES. Eleven (ish—since some contain several within a number) feelings/thoughts/ideas. In honor of the month of November.

And, yes, some are eerily similar. How could they not be? We’ve become more psychically in sync, remember. Tee Hee Hee. Many of ours will surely be exactly what each of you could/would say. Isn’t that AWESOME???

What TLC is grateful for at this very moment:

  1. The Grace and Forgiveness of God. The Love of Jesus. Answered (and some unanswered) prayers.
  2. My husband, whom I adore. My parents (I have no idea what I did to deserve them). My brothers; sisters-in-law; nieces; nephews; my new, extended family via my husband; my dear friends; and everyone’s good health.
  3. My precious, little, wild man, Henry. TBBB. Cobbler. Morty. The smiles and giggles these wacky animals bring to me are priceless.
  4. My warm home. My parents’ pretty/cozy/country home on top of their hill.
  5. All five of my senses. I admit I take these for granted. They are truly gifts. I can’t imagine not being able to smell coffee brewing on a Saturday morning. Or not seeing a magnificent rainbow.
  6. Freedom. As Martina McBride sings: Let Freedom Ring!
  7. Food. Most especially: pumpkin cheesecake; ELC’s lasagna; ANYTHING my Dad makes/bakes/grills/creates (especially his Thanksgiving dressing); In-n-Out burgers; Sonic tater tots; and last, but never least, Hubby’s homemade ice cream.
  8. Twinkle lights. Candy canes. My “Rat Pack” holiday CD. Christmas Vacation. The Spirit of this amazingly wonderful time of the year.
  9. Clothes. My most cherished and adored? Yoga pants and UGGs. Oh, and a sweater two sizes too big!
  10. My excitement for the upcoming 2012! Isn’t it incredible (First—that it’s moments away. Really?) what the Promise and Hope a New Year brings?
  11. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Wow. What CAN’T they do?
What ELC is grateful for at this very moment:

  1. The Love and Grace of Our Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ.
  2. God’s Creation of This Spectacular World!
  3. My husband, our children and their spouses, our grandchildren, family and precious friends.
  4. The Freedom given to us by our Forefathers and every single military woman and man that has served (or is serving now) The United States of America, especially those who have given their lives or who were injured and/or changed forever, from the time America was born until the very second you are reading this. And beyond.
  5. My health and safety—my eyes (to take in Nature and all of its splendor), ears (well, one good ear!), arms and legs. And all of the general good health for which our family has been blessed.
  6. Our comfortable casa on our beautiful hill in our Terrific Texas!
  7. Our cats—Cobbler and Morty; our new and tres special dog, Teddy Buddy Boo Bear—and, of course, Hurricane Henry; our cows and their calves—Sugar Mama and her son, Gobble, Little Mama and her son, Buffalo, and Sugar Baby and her son, Cinco.
  8. The food we have—and have always had—to eat; our clothes we’ve always had to wear—especially warm coats and gloves; vehicles to drive us to where we need/want to go and the ridiculously high-priced gas to put in those vehicles.
  9. Amazing music (most especially Country and Christmas!), television (and DVRs!), movies, books, and exquisite art.
  10. Cell phones and computers (so I can keep in touch with My TLC, family and friends).
  11. Laughter. Hope. Peace.
With our Love and Hugs, we wish each of you a Happy, Safe, Healthy, and Yummy Turkey Day!

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