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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Yummy For Y'all

We can thank Lauren for my Fabulous Weekend Yummy! She sent me a text two weeks ago with a Target snack suggestion: Archer Farms Habanero Pineapple Dip on Wheat Thins!

I promptly requested my Errand Assistant (aka: ELC) make a quick trip to my local Target to pick these up for us. Because I'm all about SNACKS. (Must have them -- for Little Leighton, you know. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) 

ELC picked up the dip and a box of the Reduced Fat Wheat Thins. I chose to not take that personally. We added a little something else to this divine treat idea: Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese! Who doesn't love love LOVE cream cheese? Seriously.

So my Snack Assistant (yep -- ELC)  fixed each of us 8 little Wheat Thins with a smidge (literally an itty-bitty smidge) of whipped cream cheese topped by a teeny-tiny dollop of the habanero dip. Get ready for the burn -- this dip is spicy, y'all! 

I've made the decision to temporarily put on hold all things super hot in a respectful nod to supplying nourishment to my LL. ELC has vowed to save me some of the dip. OR buy me a new jar in a few weeks. 

Get Thee to the nearest Target and purchase some of this dip! If you DARE. LOL.

Have a Wonderful Weekend, Friends!


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