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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home Away From Home

So I'm back at TLC's casa for three nights/four days. Little Leighton is... wait for it......... still ADORABLE. I feel the shock waves as I type. I'm continuing to learn this Little Family's (LF) home/routine/preferences/tastes. 

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I helped TLC and Her Sweet Hubby (HSH) move to this new (new to them!) home three years ago in September. (Because TLC apparently believes we just LOVE packing boxes and moving said boxes etc. down three flights of stairs. Yes. Yes, yes she does. We did this four times in five years. She lived in three apartments that were on the third floor before moving here. Sheesh.) Since making this sweet house their home, I've visited mucho. Mostly for the day. In fact, I'd guess, before the arrival of Little Leighton, I'd spent less than ten nights in their Guest Room.

However, since July 17th, I've spent eighteen nights here. 18. In this comfy room:

I have two more nights to go on this week's Grammy-ing Visit. I positively adore every single second with my LF. I learn something new about each one of them every go-round.  

Little Mama? Funnier than ever. Creative. Developing amazing patience each passing minute. A FABULOUS  Mom. Seriously. 

HSH? Funny, too. Very. Willing to change every diaper he's asked to change. Learning to be the BEST DAD Ever.

Little Leighton? Smart. Precious. Feisty -- when necessary. Sometimes when not necessary.

Yesterday TLC and I had to take Little Leighton back to the hospital where she was born for a second PKU blood test. Whatever that is. They "stab" (TLC's word) her heel with a needle and then drain her blood onto a card. Five little dots. Doesn't seem like it would be traumatic. It is. For about three minutes. Little Leighton screamed and had lots of real tears. Broke our hearts. When it was over, she went right back to sleep. Here's what she looked like after her late lunch:

TLC and I are dreading this afternoon when we watch the (DVR-ed) last episode of The Closer. We feel extremely verklemped. Please talk amongst yourselves while we try to compose ourselves. 

Well, it's hopeless. Better scoot.


1 comment:

Autumn said...

Looks like she fell asleep right in the middle of telling a girly secret to her BFF!