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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Leighton's BIG Adventure

I went to TLC's casa this past Saturday for an "Emergency Grammy Rescue." Little Leighton had decided to be quite contrary. She'd fussed for hours and hours. I was going Sunday anyway, so when I got the call that afternoon, I threw my bags in my car and off I went. I worked my Grammy Magic and we got her straightened out. Tee Hee Hee. I'm mostly jesting y'all. Although she did have a better Sunday and Monday. Coincidence that I was there? I'll leave that up to y'all to decide. In the meantime, TLC, Her Sweet Hubby, and I said: Thank You, Lord.

My original plan had been to come back home on Tuesday. Afternoon-ish. On Monday night, TLC came into her guest room (aka Grammy's Nest Away From Her Nest) to have a chat with me.

TLC: What would you think about Little Leighton and me coming home with you for a few days?

And it was done.

Loading up half of TLC's house took a while on Tuesday morning, but, somehow, we got everything squeezed in. TLC fed Little Leighton and then we literally raced to my car. We knew we'd have three hours before she'd get hungry again. Maybe four. It takes two solid hours (with no gas, lotto ticket or Sonic stops that must be made) to get to my house from TLC's. And if there are no wrecks on any of the highways we must travel. Or the ever-present and always annoying roadwork.

Little Leighton slept. Peacefully. The entire time. It was AWESOME. Now it's Thursday night and I'll be taking them back home tomorrow morning. Little Leighton has her one-month checkup in the afternoon. Wwwhhhhaaaaatttttt? Did I say one month? Yep. I did. Wow. How is that even possible?

This unplanned visit has been more than fun. It's now a special memory. For all six of us. Little Mama. Little Leighton. Grammy. Pa-Dad. Teddy Buddy Boo Bear (who has tried, in vain, for three days, to get Little Leighton's Kitty Wubba Nubba when he thought no one was looking). And Mortimer Cat. We've napped. We've walked. We've talked. We've laughed. We've changed tons o' poopy diapers. We've sung songs. We've danced. We've cried (well, only one of us has done that). We've planned. We've dreamed. Oh, and we made an unsuccessful trip to town yesterday afternoon. When I say unsuccesful, what I really mean is quite unpleasant. Who knew we wouldn't be able to keep Little Leighton asleep like we did on Tuesday? There were too, too many lights as we tried to reach our local Wally World. The milk, orange juice and oatmeal we thought we needed? Cancelled. We learned.

Y'all know, after all of this time, I'm not able to post pictures. TLC is our Official Photo Editor. (Maybe I'll learn that in 2013?) I'll see if I can't get her to share a few of my special ones in the next few days. Until then...imagine me with a sad/melancholy/pathetic look in my eyes. I cannot wait until LL's next Trip to the Country. Sigh.

ta-ta for now...

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