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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frost On Our Pumpkins!

We’ve had a cold spell hit Central Texas! Texans—whether native or those that got here as fast as they could—all have different ideas of perfect weather. Some like the hellishly hot weather we get in July and August. (Since I used the term “hellishly,” would you guess I’m not one of those peeps?) Some like the bitter cold we get—including snow and ice—usually in January or February (that would be mostly the kids who want to stay home from school). We’ve been known to have freakish cold spells hit as early as October and as late as April. Whichever kind of weather we Texans prefer (TLC and I love, love, LOVE Fall—for the crispness that is so delightfully amazing you almost wish it could be October and November all year long!), we ALL agree on this:

WE NEED RAIN. STAT. Yesterday.


We realize the people in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and all other Northeastern states affected by Sandy wish they could have sent us some of their horrific rain. We’d all have been better off. We’re still praying for the victims of Sandy and for their recovery. We’re deeply sorry for their pain.

Yesterday morning, I was at TLC’s. I’d spent Saturday and Sunday nights. Little Leighton needed her Grammy Au Pair, you see. I headed out to my car, at 7:40a.m.-ish, with the intention of going to the Starbucks close to TLC’s home. Little Mama and I crave Tall Decaf Skinny Vanilla Lattes. YUMMO. We also adore their pumpkin muffins (as y’all know). This particular Starbucks has been out of those muffins for at least three weeks. We do not appreciate that. One bit. But, when required, we substitute one of their Breakfast Artisan Sandwiches which are also heavenly. I had to wait for frosty-ish ice to melt off my front and back windshields! I thought about how much I dread the severe cold comin’ down the road. I just don’t do COLD well. Honestly? I wear hunting/wool/fleecy socks all year long to bed. I purchase them at Cabela's. Or Bass Pro. Like I'm an outdoorsy kind o' gal. No. I clearly have circulation issues. I mean, if I have to wear them in July in Texas. Right? My hands are always cold, too. (I don't wear gloves in July or carry around those little hand warmer things hunters use. That'd be silly.) Wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me, in the past several decades: “Wow. Your hands are freezing!” I’d have been able to fund every latte TLC and I have had for the past three years. With lots left over for muffins. And cupcakes. And Sonic Coke Zeroes with Vanilla, too.

Sooo…in honor of our nippy morns and TLC’s determination to have all of our November posts be about pumpkins, I’ve suggested she share a couple of pictures of her dining room. This year she chose a “frosty white” pumpkin theme. I love the simplicity of it.

Hope y’all are warm if it’s cold—cool if it’s hot—happy wherever you are!



The Leightons said...

LL knows what she's getting Grammy Au Pair for Christmas: NEW SOCKS! LOL.

The Leightons said...

P.S. Sure could use a latte right about now.

The Leightons said...

P.P.S. Don't be modest, ELC! It was your fabulously cute idea to put the teeny white pumpkins on my candle holder (which just so happens to be from Miss Lauren!). Brilliant! My favorite part of the decor.

The Leightons said...

P.P.P.S. And you might mention the antlers I use on my table to create a "rustic chic" vibe (HA!) are from your place in the country!

Okay. I promise. No more "post scripts."