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Friday, November 2, 2012


TLC has made an editorial decision that the month of November shall be All About Pumpkins. One of her most very favourite things. (Don’t worry—I’ll try to keep her in check.)

Since I’ve deferred, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to share. I feel chatty this Fabulous Friday.

First, I'd like to offer up a prayer to our Lord God Almighty, on behalf of everyone in the Northeast, that has lost a loved one, or their home, or both, for your strength, courage, hope, faith and perseverance. God bless each of you. Today. And always. Amen.

I’ve been alone at my casa since Wednesday. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) has gone to what I like to call his Annual Men’s Slumber Party. This completely offends him. He’ll be mortified if he sees this post. He calls it  “Deer Camp.”

It began over thirty years ago when his best friend invited several guys out to his ranch for the first weekend of Deer Season. For several years, it began on Friday afternoon and ended Sunday after lunch. Now it begins on Wednesday (MSH actually starts cartin’ things/equipment/utensils out on Monday—begins the food shopping two weeks prior to that) and has turned into a card-playin’, barbeque’in, big screen (yes—in the pasture) football game watchin’ campout. (I don't think all the guys take guns. Wild hogs are the goal now. Not deer. The hogs can destroy ranch pasture land like bombs have dropped. It's incredible.) MSH is Head Chef. He has a special trailer full of his supplies that he begins inventory'in in September. Three weeks ago he started cleaning out our pantry shelves—taking spices, baking products, canned goods, etc. Sometimes the wives are invited to come have an evening meal.  That actually hasn’t occurred in about three years. Hmmm. I need to politely inquire about this before next year's event.

So he left Wednesday and I’ve been alone. Out in the country. With Teddy Buddy Boo Bear (who has been very depressed that his best friend is missing) and Morty (who doesn’t give a flip where MSH has gone).

I’ve been fine. Eating when and what I want. Thinking. Cleaning. Sleeping. Or not. I worked Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and evening. Came home both nights to my jammies and complete TV freedom.

Early this morning, I had to take TBBB to our Vet. For surgery. TBBB would be embarrassed if I shared what he has to have removed. That’s all I can say about it, at this time. Except our "Rescue Dog" has now become more expensive (after his neutering and heartworm treatments) than all the other dogs we’ve ever owned. Combined. You know what? We don’t even care. We adore him.

After dropping TBBB off and kissing him goodbye, I went to Wally World (Autumn calls it Hellmart—and that seems to be the perfect description of all Walmarts 97% of the time). We had no food in this house. Well, no snacks. Milk. Bread. Cookies. Oh, and fruit. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)

Two things that make me scream when at Wally World? The people stocking the shelves that are exactly where you need to be. (Have I complained about this before now?) And they don’t move. Or look at you. Or apologize. It’s like they’re glued to their spots. I normally decide I can wait on that product they're blocking. Sometimes I go back later to see if they’re still in block mode. They usually are.

Second, those people who get in your “space” at the checkout counter. You know who I mean, don’t you? You’re unloading your cart and they’re right up next to you. Pressuring you to hurry so they can unload theirs. Like you have any control over the people in front of you and the cashier checking them out. This morning, the lady ahead of me was purchasing eight (8) bags of candy corn. On sale from Halloween. They weren’t ringing up with the correct price. Of course. Because I was behind her. The couple behind me seemed to be about ten years older than me. A husband (or boyfriend) and wife (or girlfriend). The woman was the one who got up so close to me while I was unloading some things from the bottom of my cart I actually thought she was going to help me. Then, when I retrieved that separator (spelling?) stick from the front of the conveyor belt and put it behind my stuff, so they could start unloading their cart, the husband/boyfriend got right up next to me while I was using my debit card thingy. I’m pretty sure he saw my PIN. That’s how close he was. I was going to ask them if they’d heard of the word “boundaries,” but decided to be My Nice Self and just smile. It could have been that I smelled good. Since I can’t put on cologne when around Little Leighton, I really splash it on thick when I'm at home. Ha.

Tonight it’s just me and Mortimer. Again, he is oblivious and could care less. I’ll be packing for an exciting trip manana. I’m going, by myself, to Houston. To see our oldest grandchild in a play tomorrow evening. This is the second year he’s had a big role in his class production. MSH can’t attend, of course, because he’s at his Slumber Party. Y'all might find this difficult to believe, because I know I’ve always given y'all the impression I’m quite the Worldly Gal, but I’ve never driven to Houston by myself. Completely alone. In a car. Driving. This will be the first time in the forty-three years I’ve had a driver’s license that I’ve gone that far alone. No, wait. Once I drove my mother, TLC, and my brother’s three kids to Arkansas. In MSH’s suburban. To stay at a lake cabin and dig for diamonds. Llloooonnnnngggggg, cRaZy story. (For another post, perhaps. And I technically wasn't alone.) But all my trips to Houston in the past eighteen years our sons have lived there? I’ve been a passenger while MSH has been my chauffeur. I normally sleep four out of the five hours it takes to get there.

Is everyone a little nervous about me doing this? Yes. Yes, they are. MSH. TLC. Our son and daughter-in-law. Okay. And, yes. Yes, I am a teensy bit anxious. But I’m also very excited. It seems like an adventure to me. I’ve got it all planned out. The places I’ll stop to buy coffee and walk around for a few minutes. Meridian. Or Waco. Hearne or College Station. It’s all up to moi! Woo Hoo!!!

I can feel y’all wishing me luck and a Bon Voyage as I conclude this post...

Here’s the first pumpkin pic:

We hope y'all will "gather" back at our blog for more pumpkin-y-ness soon!

Happy Weekend, Dear Friends! (Watch your boundaries, please!)


Autumn said...

Your views on 'Slumber Camp' are tres amusing. And I think you are very brave to tackle that drive to Houston alone. I have never done it and I've been around a few years longer than you. Yes, laugh, younger generation. Hahaha. One day y'all will be old and afraid too.

Megs said...

After living in the country for as long as I have any traffic puts me into immediate anxiety mode... So kudos to you for driving yourself, all on your own. VERY impressive lil lady, very impressive!! Love you and miss you!

The Leightons said...

Hi, Autumn!

Thank you for thinking I was brave. I thought so, too! Ha! And I did it!!! With NO problems. Yeah, moi. Hey, Miss Missy, I don't believe you've been around that much longer than me. Silly Woman. I may make you go with me the next time I do it--so I can show you how easy it truly is.

P.S.--Maybe 4 drivers got mad at me? Because I was going the speed limit. They were going at least 15 miles over. There could have been others I didn't see. However, I was tres proud. I say a trip to TLC's always involves at least one person shooting me the finger. Rude Peeps.

Howdy, Megs!

I know what you mean. We get VERY spoiled in our little town, don't we? AND even moan and groan when the college kids make it difficult to get anywhere in the a.m., noon and/or from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. All it takes is a trip to Dallas, Houston, or NYC to realize how truly lucky we are.

Love you both, Dearest Friends!