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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bunny Time

Little Leighton (LL) -- Easter Sunday 2013

Of course, LL has no clue what Easter is all about. She's not even sure what a bunny is -- I don't think. But here is her official photo to help us remember this day. 

My Hubby, LL and I celebrated with my Mom and Dad this weekend at their country casa. Where real, live, little Cottontails are everywhere. (You just have to catch them out and about early in the morning -- or lateish in the evening -- taking care of their wabbit business.)

We're all looking forward to an actual Easter Egg Hunt next year. We think LL will understand -- enough. ELC and I also plan to teach her the significance of this Christian holiday. How it fills us with love, gratitude, peace, hope and JOY.

Dearest Lord God Almighty,
Thank You for Your Son, Jesus Christ!

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