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Friday, March 8, 2013


Here is our second March Inspirationess (You know…like March Madness? Only Inspirationess? Ha? No? Never mind.) quote:

No matter how many
mistakes you make
or how slow
your progress,
you’re still way ahead
of everyone
who isn’t trying.

I’ve been a counselor/therapist for over twelve years. Started on my Masters’ degree when TLC was in the 7th grade and finished it at the end of her 10th grade year. I went back to school after battling breast cancer and being determined she would learn that you don’t give up. Ever. I wanted her to believe you should never be afraid to start something challenging just because you’ve had some setbacks. Some discouragements.

I’m mostly retired (having started kind of late…at that particular job/career choice) but still work with some adolescents a few hours each week. We work on building self-esteem and choosing healthier ways to handle anger. We discuss bad choices made and how to make better ones today. And tomorrow. I always admit to them what my shortcomings have been/are. If I don’t, how can I expect them to be completely honest with me—and themselves? I tell them I don’t remember a time in my life when I believed I was perfect. Better or smarter than anyone else. In fact, I work on building my own self-esteem. Even now. At 59. I tell them I fail. Every day. At something. Sometimes many things. That I try to forgive myself and get up the next day ready to start over. Hopeful to do better.

That’s why I love this quote. (Wish I knew the author. I’ll bet she or he has lots of other profound wisdom to share.)

Here’s to Friday! To Gratitude! To Determination and Perseverance!

Hope y’all have a Wonderful Weekend…wherever in the World you are…

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