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Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Ask Why...

We love us some Hallmark cards! Always have. Always will. We wish we could go sit, for a week or two, with the cRaZy/FUN peeps who cleverly design them. Especially the Shoebox and Fresh Ink creators/writers. Over the years, we’ve even been unable to part with a few cards we’ve purchased—because they touched our hearts or tickled our funny bones. Yes. Yes, we know that sounds ridiculous.

Here’s a silly from a Fresh Ink card many, many moons ago (and ELC did make a sacrifice by sending it off to a deserving/understanding/college friend):

This guy in college
      used to say,
“Maybe ‘Why’ isn’t the
Maybe ‘Why’ is the
Looking at it now,
      I realize he was probably drunk.

      And please don’t ask why.

It was a birthday card. So it actually said: “Have a Happy Birthday…” We took our poetic license and made it applicable to our post today. However, if this is not only Friday in your Little Corner of the World, but also YOUR birthday, then PLEASE make it applicable to YOU, okay?


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