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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Can y’all even believe tomorrow is November? I simply cannot wrap my head around this fact. Yikes.

Time for ELC’s Game of Alliteration! Haven’t done an original one in quite a while (Of course, y’all have been heartbroken.). So…

In Novemberdon’t be naïve. Or NAUGHTY (Santa Claus is comin’ to town, you know…). Or nefarious (Yep. Gotta look that up if you don’t know what it means.). Or NERVOUS. Or noisy (Unless you’re at a rock concert.). Or NARCISSISTIC. Or neurotic. Or nonchalant (Unless you’re trying to really just be “coy.”). Or NOTORIOUS (Although, that sounds kind of fun!). Or a nuisance. Or NONSENSICAL (Unless you’re related to Dr. Seuss.). Or negative. Or NEEDY. Or narrow-minded. Or a NAG.

DO BE: Nurturing. NOTEWORTHY. Noble. NICE (Because NICE matters.). Nimble (If you can. Not sure I’m nimble-y at this point in my life!). NEUTRAL (Like Switzerland. If that’s the right thing to be.). Natural.

Make plans to visit: NEBRASKA! Nashville! NORTH CAROLINA (ELC=born in Durham!). New York City!!! The Netherlands (Although I don’t know exactly where they are—never said I was good at geography, folks!). Or Nova Scotia (I DO know where this is and I have a friend that says it’s “Lovely!”).

Notify a nurse that you’re eating nutritiously! Get your nails done! Eat a NAVEL orange! Or a yummy NOUGAT. Or some NUTS. Buy a NEW NECKLACE! Learn needlepoint! Spruce up your “NEST!” Write a Christmas newsletter (I truly and sincerely love to receive those in the mail!). And, to throw everyone a curve, give yourself a nom de plume! Find a cozy nook and read a NEWSPAPER! Get down to the nitty-gritty and nominate a no-nonsense, normal (NOT a ne’erdowell) person to be a local politician! NETWORK with your neighbors! NEGOTIATE with your nemesis! Read about NUMEROLOGY (As y’all might remember, ELC loves it!).

Find your NICHE! Buy a new NUTCRACKER for your collection! Use more NUTMEG! Don’t neglect your nose. Take a NAP! Have a nightcap! Make up a new NICKNAME for your child/spouse/friend/boss! NIBBLE a nectarine (Similar to that navel orange, me thinks…).

At NOON, tomorrow, have some chicken NOODLE soup!

Take a Note: Nowadays, NUCLEAR issues shouldn’t be NEGLECTED. If you’re NEARSIGHTED (like ELC), look for NEON signs that NOBODY could miss. Use your NOGGIN and be a nonsmoker—say NO to nicotine! Write the Great American NOVEL.

Time to NAVIGATE away from this NUTTY nightmare.

Did I say this post is Number NINE—for the month of October? Nope? Well, it is. Nonetheless, this could all be a NONEVENT. Hope it didn’t make you nauseous.

And, finally:

Note: This is goodbye for NOW, Sillies!