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Sunday, October 6, 2013


It’s a BEAUTIFUL Sunday in North Central Texas! At our country casa yesterday, we had half an inch of rain. Unfortunately, we’re still in severe draught conditions. So we’ll take that with grateful hearts.

Today I’m puttering. CeeCee and I are going to a wedding in the Stockyards (near downtown Ft. Worth) later this afternoon. I’m piddlin’. In my home office. Paying bills. Wishing I had the incentive to do filing. For me, filing papers and getting my desk organized is like dusting: very futile. Sigh.

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) recently joined Twitter! (TLC signed me up a few months ago. I still don’t understand it. Post something maybe every two to three weeks. At one point, I had seven Followers. I’m down to four. I try not to take that too personally. I won't lie: It's sometimes sad.) Our third (of four) sons helped him sign up a few weekends ago. I was at TLC's for a couple of days and I'm fairly certain they were bored. Anyway, MSH has informed TLC and me that he has no intention of ever posting anything. Never. We’ll see.
He also cracked us up when he asked TLC to explain “hashtags.” She tried. He looked at her with mostly a blank stare. When she’d felt like she’d done the best she could, he quietly and calmly said: “I don’t like them. I don't like them one bit.” (That evening, and all the next day, TLC and I used hashtags every time we sent him a text-message. #wecrackourselvesup)

And I am now officially on Instagram (is that spelled right?)!  As of yesterday. Which is ironic. Since I don’t know how to post pictures on this little ole’ blog we’ve had for getting close to three years. I do know how to post pictures on Facebook. So maybe it won’t be too complicated for moi. Mostly I just want to follow TLC and Friends. She’s got some positively Fabulous Friends that have cute, cute, CUTE kids. Not to mention they’re all very creative and wonderfully witty.

So there you go. At 69 and 59, respectively, MSH and I are getting too smart for our britches. We’re bordering on the verge of being close to understanding High Tech Thingies. I’m sure y’all are tres impressed, right?

Have a Sweet Sunday…Wherever in this (sometimes cRaZy and often sCaRy) World you are, Silly Friends!

p.s.: If you'd like to follow me on Twitter (have very low expectations, of course, and please, please, PLEASE don't unfollow me because my self-esteem is currently low-ish), here you go: @theleightons327