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Friday, November 8, 2013

Leightons to the Third

I've been visiting at TLC's since Wednesday. I go back to the country in the morning. It'd been ten days since I'd had a Little Leighton (LL) Fix. Ten LLOOONNNNGGGGG days. I go into serious withdrawal after about 72 hours of no LL. At seven days, it's getting scary. I've known for many moons now that I do best seeing My Girls every five to six days. All of us seem to need that time frame for a happier life.

This trip (TLC and I live two hours apart from each other--assuming we don't encounter accidents causing long traffic tie-ups or we're not forced to face the endless road construction projects all around North Central Texas--they are SOOOOOO annoying!), I've been marveling at how The Three Leightons (not to be confused with The Three Stooges) are tres in sync with each other. We have it down. LL's Daily Schedule--for naps, meals, playtime, etc. Our agreements about what we need to accomplish. What's a priority. What's not. The FUN we MUST have. The laughter we always share.

TLC lives in a neighborhood/community that has sidewalks! And a wonderful "pond"--with ducks, turtles, and other interesting "wildlife."

LL and ELC watching TLC feed the ducks!

TLC and I learned a long time ago we are VERY much alike--about 85% of the time. Our differences can be quite HUGE--but usually interesting. Occasionally challenging. It'll be fascinating--to both of us--to experience Little Leighton's character and personality development.

In Numerology (y'all know I'm obsessed with this!), LL and I are "compatible" numbers. I'm a 6. She's a 9. TLC is a 5. She's NOT technically "compatible" with me or LL. LL and I have decided to overlook our differences with TLC. It's the right thing to do. (Now please picture me winking at you...teeheehee...)

Tomorrow morn, around 8:45 CST, when I drive off, TLC will be standing on her front porch--holding LL. They'll be waving. I'll be crying. I always cry. Until I reach the Dallas North Tollway. That's about 10 minutes away. I'll take some deep breaths, think about My Sweet Hubby, Teddy Buddy Boo Bear and Morty the Cat waiting to greet me as I drive up our hill, and I'll be fine. I'll see My Girls soon. Next week, in fact. If the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise. (Not worried. We're in such a drought I doubt our creek's rising in the near future.)

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend, Dear Friends--wherever in the World Y'all are...