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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Club

A week ago today, The Three Leightons made a quick trip to Granbury. Y’all know how much we adore this sweet, quaint, FUN little Texas town (I believe we’ve mentioned it in at least three previous posts but I'm currently too lazy to look those up. Forgive me.). TLC had a couple of stores she wanted to browse. Little Leighton (LL) and I mostly just went along for the ride.

After about 90 minutes of visiting three-ish stores located at the Courthouse Square (a Square full of charm), we departed. We wanted to make a fast stop at a precious store called Cherished Heart, located about two miles from said Square. One really needs a good, solid hour to browse the exquisite and unique little trinkets in this shop. We had about forty minutes before we were certain Princess LL would crash.

I was carrying LL around the shop when we came upon a Cute Little Lady (CLC) who appeared to be 33ish years of age and a Pretty Little Angel somewhere near LL’s age. The Cute Little Lady and I locked eyes and smiled. She, also, was holding PLA.

LL and PLA noticed each other and stared. LL then got excited. (Because, of course, we all know babies and toddlers have an innate ability to be fascinated by other babies and toddlers.) LL waved and waved and was saying something to me I wasn’t quite understanding. I think it might have been:

“Grammy, please get me close to that little girl that I know is my age and could be my friend!”

ELC to CLC: She is CUTE. How old is she?

CLC: Thank you! She’ll be fifteen months soon. How old is yours?

ELC: This is my granddaughter and she’ll be sixteen months next week.

Let me pause to tell you PLA had more hair than me, TLC and LL all put together. Well, it was short—but VERY thick. Auburn. Beautiful. (LL’s will get there. We have faith!)

ELC: What’s her name?

CLC: Leighton.

At this point, with my mouth opened wide in complete surprise, I looked over at TLC (who was standing nearby). Her mouth was also wide open. We smiled. Then laughed. CLC might have thought we were acting a teensy bit rude.

ELC: Do you spell it “Leighton?”

CLC: Yes! And most people try to spell it “Layton.” I can’t believe you knew!

ELC: It’s because that is all three of our middle names! It was my grandmother’s maiden name. She was born in England.

CLC: Really? Wow. That is crazy.

ELC: Seriously! What are the odds? Is that a family name for you or your husband?
CLC: No. My husband and I and our other two girls all have names that begin with "L." So that's what we were looking for when I found Leighton.
ELC: One of my dearest friends, Drew (see my “Ane and Drew” post on October 1, 2012), gave her daughter (she’s a few months older than TLC) the middle name of Leighton and now her granddaughter has it, too. Also as a middle name. We need to start The Leighton Club!

CLC: Our other two daughters pronounce it funny. They emphasize the first syllable pretty strongly. We just laugh.

At this point, both Baby Girls were getting heavy and we all instinctively knew it was time to move on.

I couldn’t wait to text Drew and tell her what had happened!

The Three Leightons have decided our Club will include two Honorary Members:

Ms. Drew…


…another one of my most dearest and cherished friends, Lizzie. When she was pregnant with her second child, over thirty years ago, she was going to name a girl Leighton! She’d learned of my name after we met in college and loved it. As fate would have it, she had another boy. (She did give him a first name that starts with  “L!”) But her intention shall now be rewarded! We’re sure she’ll be thrilled. (You can see what Lizzie looked like 40 years ago in the picture in the above post. She's the lovely young gal who is standing, to the far left, with a classy hat on and toasting with a Coke. That's my story and I’m sticking to it.)

ATTENTION: If your name is Leighton—contact us ASAP. We'll happily reward you with membership in this exclusive (As you read exclusive, in your mind, please say it with a heavy British accent. Because, at all of our meetings, everyone will be required to talk that way. British-y. 'K?) Club.


(President/CEO/Oldest and Wisest Leighton At Least In These Here Parts Because I Thought Of It And I Said So—ha!)

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