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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Team C

Little Leighton (LL) is soon to be sixteen months old. In her teeny-tiny life, she has spent quite a lot of time at Grammy and Pa-Dad’s casa. But she’s never stayed with us by herself. Just her. And us. Until this past Friday night.

TLC had learned on Wednesday that a contractor she was hiring to paint her kitchen and den could come Friday. He'd said it would take him one day. Although he didn’t think the fumes would be too much for LL, we all agreed she’d be better off coming to our home for a night. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I could barely contain our excitement!

We actually cleaned our house. For a 15-month-old who has no clue it needed it. We made sure we had the right milk (organic whole only, don’tchaknow), fruit, snacks, veggies, etc. I checked my diaper inventory. (I have enough for her to stay a month, of course.)

We met TLC halfway—which is Ft. Worth—at 10:30ish Friday morning. We had an early lunch and she headed back to her home and her painters. LL, MSH and I headed to the country. We needed LL to stay awake—so as not to disrupt her Nap Schedule—for one hour. I sang and sang. (She doesn’t realize I’m not a great singer or that I don’t always remember all the words to Down By the Bay or Baby Beluga.)

Once we got home, everything went like clockwork. MSH and I worked like the TEAM we’ve been for over 36 years. We had no problems. Well, okay. I might be exaggerating a tidbit. Her naps are challenging. Meals? Not a cakewalk. She begins eating with great enthusiasm and cooperation. About fifteen minutes (if you're lucky) in, she loses focus and interest. Other than those two small issues, we’ve been in Grandparents’ Heaven.

TLC had a baby shower to attend in town, yesterday afternoon, for a friend she’s known since they were three years old. She came by for an hour-ish on her way to the party. It mostly served to confuse LL. TLC was gone for almost three hours. Just enough time to get in another challenging nap. The three and a half of us went to town (back for TLC) for an Italian dinner at one of our favourite restaurants. I'm not prepared to share with y'all what I did. We took my car. Suffice it to say it was a really stupid thing (I didn't have a wreck or get a ticket. I simply can't confess my geezer-like stupidity at this point). Rest assured we'll remember that dinner for quite some time. (TLC will never let me forget my mistake. Sigh. She'll be 59 someday.)
Our Two Gals will be here until Tuesday afternoon (TLC still comes home to the hair stylist we’ve all gone to for 27 years and she has a cut and color Tuesday morn.). Then they’ll head home. Darn. We’ll be very lonely. Tired—in such a magnificent way. But lonely.

We’ve already decided we’re going to try to do this at least once a month. MSH and I have our iPhone calendars ready to put in December’s Visit. WOO HOO!

I hope each of Y’all has had as splendid a weekend as we’ve had here in the country in North Central Texas! Chow...for now!