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Monday, December 9, 2013

day four...

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I are stuck. Literally. Inside our home. It was exactly four days this afternoon—at about 3:00 p.m. CST. Actually, I’ve been out to take a few pictures. MSH’s been out and over to our Barn and Barn apartment about four times each day. To check on our cat. Morty. Who does seem to be appreciative. Truly. (And worry not—he’s warm and toasty!)

Saturday and Sunday mornings, MSH showered over at our apartment. We have an “aerobic” septic system. (There’s a different kind at our Barn and apartment.) The sprinkler heads were frozen by Friday morn and he turned the pump completely off that afternoon. Meaning: No laundry. No long showers. No flushes—every single time. CONSERVE. Our key word. (However, yesterday he turned the pump on for a few hours, allowing me to do two loads of laundry. I have four more to go. Who knew clean undies would be so valued?!?)

BTW: Not to fear—I have showered. But major fast. It’s been four days of no makeup. No big Texas hair—just a brush through in the mornings. Mostly jammies. So for someone who, after 47 years of wearing makeup and fixing BIG hair and constantly complaining about how tired she is of it all, you’d think I’d be glad I could have a significant break from these routines. Shockingly, at this point, this morning, I’d like to have a LONG, hot shower. I’d like to wash my hair, fix it, and put some makeup on. I’m dreaming of a burger, tots and large Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic. Yes. Yes, I am. No. No, it's not happening. We're probably perched up here for at least another day. Possibly two more.

I’ll let TLC recap her experience with Little Leighton (LL) during Icemagedon. ASAP. She’s basically trying to get through the long days in their maison. (LL has technically not been out of their casa since last Wednesday—when she and I went for a walk to the Duck Pond. Fortunately, at sixteen months, she’s not quite understanding how bored she is!)

TLC and I have reminded each other, by text, every couple of hours, for four days, that it could be worse. We could have no electricity. We could have little food. We could be forced to brave the elements and dangerous “Cobblestone Ice” (Yes. A new term we've been told was coined here in Texas. Meaning ice that is like cobblestones when one is looking at it or attempting to drive and/or walk on it.) to get to a job that demands we be present. We have deep, true, beyond sincere gratitude for all of those people who MUST get to work: doctors, nurses, policewomen and men, firewomen and men, EMTs, airport personnel, bus and train personnel, gas station peeps, etc. Even grocery store owners and employees trying to keep their businesses open so others can have food and water. God bless their hearts and souls.

For a little sympathy: Please enjoy a few pictures of what it’s been like up here on our hill in North Central Texas (Be sure to keep in mind, this is NOT snow--it is solid, hard, scary ice.):

Looks like snow. Solid ice. 

See the little bird? 

Our hill! Solid ice.
(The speed limit sign was put up when we built our home--
Too many trucks were heading down too fast.)

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Stay cozy and warm, Wherever in the World you are, Dear Friends...

p.s.: I'm officially out of Diet Dews, Hershey's Bliss White Chocolates and my Kroger's Mini Cinnamon Rolls TLC gifted me last Thursday. We're almost out of milk. I never had cocoa. I'm completely over this.