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Friday, December 6, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, in North Central Texas, we had our Second Wave of sleety/bitter cold/icy weather hit. Some creative person has penned this event Icemageddon. Clever, right? The First Wave, a couple of weeks ago, was not too terribly paralyzing, although My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I were stuck up on our hill for two nights/three days. (We have a really steep road that is partially paved and sealed. When it’s wet with rain or ice, it can be treacherous. Fortunately, because MSH is retired and I can make my schedule for my part-time work the way I need it to be, we have the luxury of staying in. Happily “trapped.” We cherish this lovely option.)

I’d gone to TLC’s casa Wednesday morn. She had a doctor’s appointment and I had a “Grammy Nanny” appointment with Little Leighton (LL)! I was spending one night. LL and I played and played and napped and laughed and sang and played some more. Heaven. All the while I was makin’ my memories with My Grandbaby Angel Girl, I was hearing that the Second Wave was inevitable. By the Way: Our Dallas/Ft. Worth Weather Peeps have placed themselves in some pickles the past few years. Several times, they’ve made us all overreact with fear, based on their wild predictions of tornadoes and storms—Rain and Ice and Snow. Oh MY. We mostly agree—it’s probably wise to be overly cautious—especially when it comes to tornadoes and ice/snowstorms. However, we seem to find ourselves fairly skeptical.

Even though TLC and I live two hours away from each other—about 110 miles one way—we’re considered to be in the same geographical region—that of North Central Texas.  Yet our weather could not be more different. Like, WAY different. A lot. TLC’s city has received significantly more rain that we’ve been blessed with out here in the “sticks.” Yes, all of Texas is still in a drought. Our country home is located in an area that is a tidbit more “droughty” than TLC’s.  Despite our distance, we watch the same TV stations for our weather reports.

The “experts” were predicting the precipitation, in the form of sleet and ice, would hit early Thursday evening. It would be coming from the Northwest. MSH and I live west/southwest of TLC. MSH and I agreed I should be safe if I left TLC's home by 12:30 yesterday to head to our home. And I did. Well, okay. It was 12:34 when I drove away from her curb.  I hit icy/sleety rain an hour into my journey. (Sigh. Well, 1:30. 6:00ish. Close enough, Weather Wizards.) There was some white-knuckling as I held on to my steering wheel for dear life. I’m certainly no scientist, but the roads had evidently been warm enough for several days—allowing even the bridges and overpasses to be only a teensy scary. My white-knuckles came from other drivers speeding past me. Like fools. Crazy, insane fools. Endangering all of us trying to keep our cars from being wrecked. As well as our bodies. Makes me nUtS.

I literally got home in the nick of time. As I drove up our hill and into our garage, a steady amount of sleet started falling. I breathed a sigh of relief. MSH helped me unload (I’d taken enough clothes to last for three days—in case the weathermen and gals were quite off on their time-line of pending doom.) I went straight for my jammies and got on our couch! Drug myself off to have some chicken taco soup for supper. Then got off, again, to drag myself to bed. I’m not going to lie. I got back on said couch first thing this morning. Until two hours ago. Yes, I could be a professional “slug.”

At this time, TLC, Her Hubby and LL are chillin’. Literally. Praying their electricity doesn’t go out. A couple of hours ago, 240,000 homes in the Dallas area were without power. It’s supposed to get down to 18 degrees tonight. No heat? Not good. MSH and I also pray we won’t lose our electricity. We have an all-electric home. (At least TLC and Her Gang have a gas fireplace they could sleep in front of, if necessary! We do have a fireplace and firewood—if we get desperate. As much as we love a nice, cozy fire, we’ve discovered the rest of our home becomes super frigid when MSH builds and maintains one in our Great Room. Hence, no fire unless we have an emergency heat shortage.)

As I type this, I’m watching a big group of Cardinals (about 15 of 'em—that’s big to moi)—males and females—looking for the seed we put out as often as possible, in six birdfeeders, at the back of our home. I have a perfect view of their swooping dives and carefree escapades from my office. It looks like a Hallmark Christmas card out there. (I do love me some Hallmark Christmas cards, folks.)

You might be thinkin' I’m bored. I'd agree. This is long. Ridiculously long. I shall end. If you happen to be somewhere toasty (anywhere above 40 degrees), please say a little prayer for all of the States affected by Icemageddon. There're many. We’d be grateful. Truly.

Heading for a hot cup of tea. Actually, I hope I find some cocoa! I'm pretty sure I need chocolate.

Smooches, Sweeties Everywhere!