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Monday, December 16, 2013


I'm sittin' here, sippin' my hot cocoa (ELC has me officially hooked on Swiss Miss "Sensible Sweets" Diet Hot Chocolate with Jet-Puffed Miniature Marshmallows -- and, FYI: hot chocolate should be equal parts cocoa and marshmallows in my book. ELC learned this the hard way last Thursday night as we settled in to watch Debbie Macomber's "Trading Christmas" movie on the Hallmark Channel -- well, technically it was on ELC's DVR -- po-TAY-toe/po-TAH-toe. She only gave me 8 'mallows. I wanted 24. Lesson learned, ELC. Lesson learned.) and realizing I never shared these pictures ELC found last week when she was trapped during Icemageddon 2013. I think it's official:

Little Leighton is my twin!

This first picture (that's me on top -- with the interesting grapefruits in the background) shows us both "standing on our head," a term ELC and My Sweet Dad coined when I would be toddlin' along, mindin' my own business, when one of them, or one of my four older brothers, would randomly shout:


Apparently I would stop what I was doing and, you guessed it, "stand" on my head.

I'll just pretend they were laughing with me and not at me, since we now do this to Little Leighton!

Exhibit A:

ELC, would you like to elaborate on the massive amount of grapefruits in a cardboard box?

I know it's a smidge hard to see in this next picture (I'm on the left -- by the lovely water faucet and dog bowl), but I'm fairly certain LL and I share the exact same "squinty" grin -- complete with wild hair! (In fairness to LL, this was taken post-nap/pre-brush, and she has significantly less of a mullet than I did.)

Exhibit B:

ELC, would you like to explain that water bowl (and my mullet)?

Here's hoping your Monday was far more MERRY than manic!