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Monday, January 13, 2014

keepin' it real...

I had every intention of writing this post (well, a different one -- I've changed course) last night. Little Leighton and her teeth apparently had a different idea. In honour of my total exhaustion, I felt it was only appropriate to make a list of random things -- as I'm apt to do from time-to-time.

Shall we?

1. Teething is for the birds. When I was pregnant and people would try to warn me about the lack of sleep I was about to experience, I foolishly assumed that would only last for the first few months. Silly, naive me. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I may never sleep well again. If I'm not actually awake because of LL, I'm sure I'll be awake worrying about her. I worry. I'm a worrier.

2. I've been wearing the same pair of green yoga pants for, well, let's just say "several" days. I'm in the middle of a "yoga pants crisis." I only have one pair that fits. My Sweet ELC will be making a quick visit tomorrow and -- THANK GOODNESS -- will be bringing me two new pairs. Hallelujah. I know my neighbors will be excited to see a different wardrobe.

3. It's a good thing "eating healthy" wasn't one of my resolutions for 2014. Here's what I've consumed today: 4 mini cinnamon rolls, coffee (duh -- see: lack of sleep), a "real" Coca-Cola (Diet, who?), 1 bowl of Golden Grahams, 1 bowl of Lucky Charms, LL's leftover buttered pasta, one green bean (for good measure), 2 cookies, a handful of cashews, leftover steak fries with ketchup (but they were baked!) and Pad Thai. I did drink several bottles of water and took LL on a little stroll. That should at least cancel out half of that junk, right?

4. 98% of my Christmas decor has been put away, but all of my ornaments are on my dining room table. I'll get to them eventually. I think. Putting away all of the Christmas pretties makes me so very melancholy.

5. This just popped up in my Facebook timeline, and I am BEYOND excited:

In conclusion, I'd like to leave y'all with the CUTEST image of my funny, smart, brave, curious, free-spirited Little Leighton -- my fashionista in training:

Camo and sunnies. The best combination.