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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mom Can Keep It Real, Too, You Know...

I read TLC’s post on January 13th with smiles. Giggles. Some sighs. Wanted to kind of cry a teensy bit while on her #1. Shed a few tears in honor of her tiredness. Poor Young Mama. I decided I’d “respond” to her “realness” with my own thoughts on her “list of random things.”

  1. Teething is absolutely for the birds. Little Leighton (LL) is growing teeth like TLC did: slowly. Painfully. Crankily. (Is that a word?) With lots o’ crankiness. There’s just really nothing much you can do, TLC. As all of us Moms can tell you: It is what it is and you will get through it. Somehow. Someday! Your lack of sleep, TLC? Well, don’t expect many ZZZs for the next eighteen years. Or more. Comes with the job. So sorry, Sugar. Yes. Yes, many of us DID try to warn you.
  2. Your green yoga pants? I LOVE ‘EM. They look very chic. Very comfy. Very you. How could I criticize you for your “crisis?” I’ve been wearing the same pajammie pants for the past four years—every day. Well, I wear one pair for three or four days/nights—then wash them and wear the other for three or four days/nights.  I bought them in the Men’s Department at Wally World. They’re both flannel. Had to have each pair's hem taken up ten inches. Don't we all walk into our homes at the end of a work day—or at night—and change into our yummiest clothes? And/or shoes? I walk in from ANYWHERE, literally, anywhere, (it might be at noon) and IMMEDIATELY change into one of these two pair of pajammie pants. Unless we have company. And by company, I do mean someone who is not related to me by blood or marriage. (Because relatives know I’m likely to be in one of these pajammie pants at literally any time of the day. I am who I am.) I was glad the two new pair of yoga pants I found fit you perfectly! Now you’ll have three pair of comfies to be addicted to—YIPPEE!!!
  3. Your list of what you “consumed” the day you wrote your blogpost absolutely, positively CRACKED ME UP. (It's only because of you that I even know what Pad Thai're darn worldly, you are...) But here’s the truth: I bet I have more calories by 3:00 p.m. than you have by 8:00 p.m. each day. Problem is I keep going after 3:00. I’m in need of a serious commitment to myself to start eating healthier. I’ve passed frustration and landed at utter DESPAIR. I’m so proud of how you’ve not only lost all of your baby weight, but many pounds past that and are now as tiny as you’ve almost ever been. I watch you. You only eat a little of everything. And you are GREAT about drinking water. I eat A LOT. Way, way too much. I drink too many Diet Dews and Coke Zeroes. Have to force myself to get down two or three bottles of water per day. That's on a good day. Lots of times I get into bed having only consumed one bottle. (Shame. Shame. You know my  name.) I’ll try, again, tomorrow, to get on track. Promise.
  4. I wish you really could leave your Christmas decorations up all year! I know hundreds of people who love Christmas. I don’t know anyone who loves it as much as you. I must admit I'm happy to hear your casa is back to normal—as of this past Saturday. Go have a cupcake to celebrate your success at getting your Christmas pretties put away for another year.
  5. Sarah Jessica’s new line of shoes? At Nordstrom? Your most favourite store ever? I’m thrilled for you. TRULY. What could be better? Nothing. Well, perhaps being able to leave your Christmas decorations up all year would top Sarah's shoes. That's probably the only thing. Oh, and/or sleep. Even just six hours of uninterrupted sleep. One night per month. That might be better than those shoes. The shoes, however, are more realistic, TLC. Again, sorry, Sugar.
LL's picture? In her camo and sunnies? At my casa? THE BEST. Period. End of story. By The Way: At some point in my life, I need to learn how to post pictures to this blog. It's been over three years since we started lolwiththeleightons and I don't have a clue how to do that.

Nighty-night, Sweet Sillies...Wherever in the World Y'all Are...