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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mam It Is...

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) has four sons from his first marriage. When we married, 35 years ago, they ranged in age from two to twelve years. The two oldest got married within a year of each other. Then their wives had our first two grandchildren within less than a month of each other. That was over fourteen years ago. Because both daughters-in-law had parents who were already grandparents, MSH and I had the option of “picking” our grandparent names. I chose Grammy—because CeeCee had just become a grandmother and that was going to be her name. I love her and I loved that name. MSH became Pa-Dad. Our oldest son’s father-in-law was already Grandpa. I had had a “Dad-Dad.” So I came up with Pa-Dad for MSH. One of our seven Grands calls him Grandpa. We’re not sure why, but MSH sure doesn’t care!

Even though grandkids often come up with their own unique names for their grandparents, our first two called me Grammy with some ease. The others followed. Along comes Little Leighton (LL). The baby. For the past three-ish months she’s been calling me “Mam.” I can’t help but wonder how this will sound—as time goes on and she gets older. Will people think I made her call me that? She’s been calling MSH “PaPa.” She’s heard literally no one call anyone that name. She came up with that completely on her own. We’ve also teased MSH, telling him we’re going to try to get her to call him “Sir.” We’d be Mam and Sir. That cracks me and TLC up.  

I read a post on Facebook a while back where someone asked their “Friends” what their “grandparent” name was and it was extremely interesting/entertaining. I probably read three hundred comments. In those, there were several “Mams.” I won’t be alone.  

If LL wants to call me Mam, that’s what I’ll be. I’m sure, in time, as she hears the others calling me Grammy, she may give in and start calling me that. If I’m permamently Mam, well, Mam it is.

Hope each of Y’all has a Sweet Sunday and Wonderful Week—Wherever in the World you are…