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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Lady with the Lipstick

In the interest of time, I’ll only defend, or comment on, a few of the “part trios” (TLC’s March 28th post) things My Darling Daughter so kindly said she loved about me. Some of them have been discussed by both of us in past posts and don’t need to be re-mentioned. Some, in my humble opinion, could use further clarification.

31. It’s beyond true: I could not survive without hot rollers. I’ve tried. Stresses me too much. Big Texas Hair is much easier to make happen with hot rollers. Period. End of Story.

33. I treasure typing. When I was in high school, one hundred and fifty years ago, before computers, you took Typing. It was required. I have no idea why. (Watching the football players try to learn was, yes, almost painful.) I not only admired my typing teacher, but also her daily encouragement to practice, practice, PRACTICE. To become faster and faster and faster. (It might help you get—and keep—a job, at some point in your future, she said.)  I was not an athlete. There was no amount of practice that was going to make me a fast runner. Or fast basketball dribbler. Or fast swimmer. I fell in love with typing because I excelled at it. From the moment I became proficient, I discovered I enjoyed sitting at a keyboard, doing my thing. (This talent I have does not necessarily mean I am a fast "texter." Quite the contrary. I'm pretty pathetic and I make tons o' mistakes. I refuse to use Auto-Correct. That could be part of the problem. I use ELC-Correct. Occasionally.)

34. As y’all know, I am no Chefette. But I agree with TLC (and others who have complimented me in the past): I am eggcellent (I crack myself up!) at scrambling eggs. I think, as I perfected my technique, it came out of a strong need to make sure there was no “crusty” burned stuff (yuckiness I would not be able to eat without experience major gagging…sorry for that visual) in or on my eggs. I don’t think it’s such a small thing—to be known for cooking good scrambled eggs. Breakfast IS the most important meal of our day, right?

35. Knowing. By Estee Lauder. It truly is my “signature” scent. I’ve been wearing it for at least thirty years. When TLC was in the 4th grade, one of the Moms of a young man that was a 6th grader at her school told me he had told her he always knew I’d been in the halls. He could smell my cologne. He was the same cute fella that called me “The Lady with the Lipstick.” In the three years TLC attended that school, clearly, my work there was accomplished! By the way (43): I may never truly forgive Estee for discontinuing Apple Cordial lipliner. Seriously—she broke my heart. I live in fear she will let Fig and Café Rose fall by the wayside. I can’t think about that now. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

44. Reading. My escape. My unending obsession. My love. No. 5 on ELC’s List of the Most Important Things in My Life. It comes after God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My family, most especially My Sweet Husband, TLC and Little Leighton. My amazing friends. My health and safety and all of the marvelous blessings I have received from Lord God Almighty. No. 5: The ability to READ.

As I close this post, on this Terrific Thursday morn, in North Central Texas, I wish each of you a day full of love, laughter, comfort, hope and wisdom...

(Easter Sunday is less than four days away. One of the most emotional Christian celebrations for me, personally. I pray that each of you, no matter what your faith is or spiritual beliefs are, takes time to reflect on the role you play in Our World. I pray you make a commitment to do something for someone—over the next several days—for no reward other than the desire to be a good person and the sheer and utter joy of practicing a random act of kindness.)

smooches and hugs, Dear Friends...Wherever in the World You Are…