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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

sun tea, tulle and the stars in the sky...

Here is my last reply to TLC’s “60 Favourite Things About ELC" (see her posts on March 18th, March 25th, March 28th and March 31st) :

Yep, I’m officially hooked/addicted/obsessed with Pinterest. Thanks sooo much, TLC! (For those of you who would like to see my Boards—please feel free to visit me at ELC.)

Yep. I love camo. When I had my first broken bone ever—I was 55 and broke my right wrist falling in our shower…sigh—I got a camo cast. Why? No rhyme or reason. Except I thought it would be funny. I broke it on Labor Day—the opening of Dove Season in Texas. Guess that was on my ditzy/clumsy mind. Mostly I adore and wear camo pants. Long and Capri. I’m not a hunter. Never have been. Never will be. One of my favourite boards on my Pinterest? Camo and Pearls. Ha.

I am FABULOUS at coloring. In coloring books. (Allow me to brag on myself, okay?) Yes, yes I am. It’s very therapeutic for moi. Will love coloring until I can't do it any longer. Period.

I do love My Sun Tea. Not only is it economical, it’s delish.

Of course I print a lot of pictures off my phone. Duh. What’s the point in taking them (and some really are quite awesome, again, if I do say so myself...) if you’re not going to print and share them? It’s sooo simple—using the Walgreen’s app. Or any other app, I’m sure. That’s the one I have and know. (Plus, I wait for on-line coupons to get the best price!)

I probably would argue with TLC (who is actually the quintessential gift giver—seriously...) about her contention that I'm very thoughtful about gifts. While I do NEED to give gifts to those I love, I’m not so sure I find such “wonderful treasures.” I do try, however. I do try.

Yep. I am always up for a Road Trip! Love to travel by car. Always have. Always will. We call it “adventuring.” Little Leighton’s (LL) eyes have lit up with excitement since she was a tiny babe when we ask her: "Would you like to go on an adventure?” Not sure when she’ll realize that an excursion to get some frozen yogurt or to the Post Office might not exactly be as thrilling as we promise.

Nothing could have made me happier—on my actual 60th birthday day—than to treat LL to an official tu-tu! Nothing. (See "our mini Chiquita banana..." post on April 7th.)

I pretty much have to harmonize—at this point in my life. I haven't been able to sing “high/soprano” in at least twenty years. Everything has to be quite “low/bass.” Music has and always will be a major part of my life. I think that’s why I cried every single day, at the age of 54, for a solid year when I went deaf in my left ear. (The second year it went to every other it's about every other week.) I cannot imagine a day that doesn't include music. And not just the music on the radio. My cell. My computer. The television. I also mean the music of my loved ones' voices. Especially their laughter.

I stopped sending the three roses to TLC two birthdays ago. Once LL was born,  I knew anyone trying to deliver said Birthday Flowers to her could be at risk of losing a finger or hand—ringing the doorbell or knocking, don’tchaknow. (J/K.) I’ll be going back to this cherished tradition. For now, TLC understands and is thankful that a delivery from moi hasn’t woken LL up!

Oh. My. Yes. I love stars! I have from about three years old until this moment. When we moved to the country, I learned there is no place else on Earth that showcases the night skies quite like you see miles from a city or town and undisturbed by other lights around you. Looking up at night literally takes my breath away. Each and every time I gaze upon the billions and zillions of stars I can see in the North Central Texas sky, I'm in total awe. Stars are a big reason I believe in Our Lord God Almighty. I get chills at their magnificence. At His Amazing Creations.

Tulle is magical! It’s fancy! It’s special! It’s Princess fabric! Yes. I love tulle. (Since I’m 60 and not certain I’m of an age that should be even thinking about wearing it, I’m happy to see it on my granddaughters, my daughter, my young friends, pillows, greeting cards, etc. etc. etc.) Tulle ROCKS.

Yep. I do so wish I’d been born to become a Cowgirl. Cowgirls are brave. Cowgirls have their own special "style." Cowgirls also ROCK. (Cowgirls that wear tulle? Extra FABULOUS.)

I say it over and over and over—I don’t think of myself as a “survivor.” I’d been through some hard, bad times before my breast cancer. I’ve been through some rough stuff since. We’re all survivors. If you’re breathing, you’re surviving. What I am is LUCKY. To be alive. That’s it. That’s all.

I do so strive to be kind, brave and honest. Not sure I succeed that often at any of those important qualities. If feeling every little joy, heartache, happiness, and sadness that not only I experience, but also those around me experience, makes me soulful, then I suppose I am soulful. Although, "sensitive" may be a better word for what I am. But I do love soulful—so I’ll take it, TLC. Thank you. Thank you very much.

There is no gift TLC could ever give me, buy me, find me that I could love more than this list she made for me. Thank you, Precious Daughter, from the bottom of my not-getting-any-younger heart. I’ll treasure these posts for as along as I can read, think about, and remember them. I love you, Dearest Child O’ Mine. I adore, cherish and love you. With all of my soulful being.

This concludes two months of learning more about ELC than you ever wanted to know! Thanks for your patience!

We'll be announcing our "theme" for May this week! We're quite excited...

smooches for now, Silly Friends Everywhere...