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Friday, May 2, 2014

Mother, may I?

Yes. You may.

And…it’s May of 2014. Seriously? How???

TLC and I have decided we’re going to spend this entire month celebrating MOTHERS. WooHooandYippee!

We’ll be posting quotes from famous peeps about their Moms—or being a Mom. We’ll also probably have to be obnoxious and share some thoughts/stories of our own. Maybe force you to look at a few more annoying pictures. Y’all know us by now, right? We’re pretty shameless.

Our first quote (Drumroll,please…):

I feel as much as any mother does that you wish you could fight their battles for them and spare them pain. But I very much like the fact that [my daughters] are all independent—which, accompanied with stubbornness, can be a pain to deal with when they’re younger. But it’s a virtue when they’re older.

                                                                           --Enid Johns,  American Social Psychologist

(Remember this, TLC, as Sassy/Fiesty Little Leighton challenges you, okay?)

Happy FABULOUS Friday, Sillies...