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Friday, May 23, 2014

Seventy? Seriously?

That’s how old My Sweet Hubby (MSH) will be in a few days. Seriously. As surprised as he is (and he really, truly is...), he couldn’t be as shocked as me. There is nothing about him that seems 70. Heck, there was nothing about me that—to me—seemed 60! Apparently I live A Life of Denial.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our time together—me and MSH. I’ve been thinking about how we met. Thirty-Seven years ago. Our tiny (and cheap), but tres sweet, wedding. Our first six years together. Then TLC’s birth and the next eighteen years after that. Soon we'll celebrate our 36th Anniversary. Yikes.

I've also been thinking about single Moms. Wondering how they do it. How do they raise one or two or more children without the love, help, support, encouragement, loyalty, devotion, and energy of a spouse? What if they don't have family members that can help them? What if they don't have many friends that can help?

Because here is The Honest-To-God’s-Truth:

I couldn’t have been the Mom I was—or am—or the grandmother I’ve been—without MSH. He goes above and beyond The Call of Duty. The Call of Love. The Call of Responsibility.

I’ve stood by and watched him be the most wonderful father to his four sons. I then got to experience his fathering of TLC. I’ve watched him learn the ropes of GrandPa/Pa-Dad/Pa-Pa (Yes, the poor man has three “grandfather” names, bless his heart…). He’s cooked. Cleaned. Been a chauffeur. Been an encourager. Waited at hospitals. Mowed. Cooked some more. Spent hours and days and months and years at schools. He’s listened. He’s laughed. He’s taught. He’s cried. He's teased. He's lectured. He's given his time, energy, money, faith, hope and trust to his children and grandchildren. And to lucky, LUCKY me.

During this month of May—that TLC and I have, as you know, designated “Mothers’ Month”—MSH deserves recognition. From now until the 31st, he shall be called Pa-Dad-Ma. He'll love it. Trust me.

(We’ll be toasting MSH on his 70th birthday—but he should have a toast made to him every night of his life. He's just that special. Annoying sometimes, yes. In a silly, precious way. Still, he's definitely an inspiration to me.)

Have a FABULOUS Friday, Friends, Wherever in the World you are!