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Monday, May 19, 2014

the little girl who cried bug

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I were sooo lucky, this past weekend, to have Little Leighton (LL) come stay with us! TLC and her hubby had lots of things to do and needed to be able to do them sans their almost 2-year-old.

We met TLC in Ft. Worth to pick LL up Friday and took her back to Ft. Worth yesterday.

She reminds MSH and me so very much of TLC when TLC was a baby/toddler. Each time we see LL there is a new “thing” she does/says. This time, after learning about “bugs” a few weeks ago while two of our other grandchildren were visiting, we had “bug” alerts! (Our almost 4-year-old granddaughter showed her some bugs while they were playing on our front porch.) LL would be looking out the French door in our master bedroom or our guest room (her Mama’s former room…) and then she’d come running. “BUG! BUG! BUG!” she’d scream in her tiny little voice. Mostly it would be roly-poly bugs. But we did see some wasps and grasshoppers.

It made me remember the slight problem we had with TLC “crying wolf.” I don’t really know how many times I asked TLC, from her ages between one and, oh, probably, twelve: “Do you remember the story about the boy who cried wolf?” I have a feeling LL might have inherited a teensy-bitty-bit of her Mama’s drama and exaggeration. (I will concede TLC is all about NO DRAMA, PLEASE, DEAR LORD, and rarely exaggerates...promise...)

LL also learned about “buzzards.” We have a lot out here in the country! So I must add Buzzard Alerts to LL’s Repertoire of Cuteness.

This month of May, as TLC and I honor “Motherhood,” I simply cannot understate how FABULOUS being a Grammy is!  It is positively, absolutely, cross-my-heart THE BEST.

Here’s a picture of Princess Little Leighton helping her Pa-Pa water some ivy on our front porch. Like most kiddos, she’s all about water!

Hope y’all have a Wonderful Week—Wherever in the World you are…

Smooches and Hugs