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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We understand we’ve said many, many, MANY times, in the past two or so years, that we were going to be better about posting TLC’s Yummies and My Yeehaws. Apparently we tell little fibs. Or outright lies. We’re honestly not sinister peeps. We’re pretty nice gals and fairly dependable. Good to our word. We’re also, often, however, confused. We seem to grossly underestimate the amount of time we have each day. Week. Month. We've gotten great at saying to one another: "Let's do that later, 'k?"

We periodically realize we’ve not kept our promises to tell y’all about the fun things we’ve discovered (or re-discovered). Healthy and/or delicious foods/recipes. Beauty Products (And, yes, we mean our latest mascara find!). Books. Television shows. (Unfortunately, we’re currently not able to discuss movies—those that are shown at actual movie theatres. Because neither of us has been to a movie in months. In fact, ELC has been to exactly one movie in two years. TLC has been to at least one. Could be TWO! We’re looking forward to the day we can go to a movie together! It'll be GRAND. Diet Cokes, popcorn and Raisinettes. Heaven. Sheer Heaven. We expect that shocking occasion to occur in approximately 2016. If we’re lucky.) Home products. Tips we’ve learned. Etc. Etc. Etc.

We intend to do a minimum of FIVE Yummies and FIVE Yeehaws during this lovely month of June! Woo Hoo. And then we promise to do this every three months. Ish.

That’s our goal...Standby, Friends…(but maybe don't hold your breath...)