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Monday, June 30, 2014

Y/Y Palooza #9

ELC is visiting for a couple of nights. Today, we had to make a quick run to the mall. We decided we would make a lunch date out of it!

After we rode the carousel with Little Leighton, we made our way over to Paradise Bakery in the food court. We love their Walnut Chicken Salad Sammiches. As we were ordering, we couldn't help but glance at the cases filled with all of their yummy cookies. I was so busy yesterday, I skipped breakfast. Because of that, I thought I should make up for those missed calories by ordering a Chocolate Chip-Coconut Cookie (don't you love my logic?).

HOLY GUACAMOLE! If you have a Paradise Bakery near you, stop reading this post, get in your car and go purchase AT LEAST a dozen of these cookies right. this. instant. I wish I would have taken a photograph of this tasty treat, but I was too busy inhaling it to think clearly.

Y'all. It's THAT good. Trust moi. I don't joke about cookies.

This now concludes our Month o' Palooza. We hope you've found a few new favourites along the way, too.

Happy July Eve, Friends!