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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Y/Y Palooza #4

So yesterday, My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I made a rat-killin’ trip to Fort Worth. (For one thing, he had a Father’s Day giftcard burning a hole in his pocket. I had a baby gift to purchase, tennies to find, and a couple of errands for TLC.) We usually go to Fort Worth, together, every two to three weeks. Sometimes, if one of us has a doctor’s appointment, we might go once a week for several weeks in a row. We love, love, LOVE Our Casa in the Country. But we also cherish Fort Worth, Texas. Mucho.

We find ourselves drawn to the southwest side of Fort Worth—including the Hulen Mall area. Adore Downtown/Sundance Square—visit them maybe twice a year. Treasure the Camp Bowie Boulevard and Museum areas and the University Drive/TCU area, also. The southwest side seems to be where we typically choose to haunt.

Being Semi?-Geezers, we like to eat an early lunch. Whenever possible. The places we prefer? Potbelly’s. Kincaid’s, which has amazing burgers, fries and onion rings. (No worries—we order what we call the “baby” burger. And share those fries and onion rings.) Panera. Corner Bakery. Yes—chain/fast-ish food. Still—charming places we enjoy.

We dined at Jason’s deli on Overton Ridge yesterday and I had my NEW FAVOURTIE SAMMIE: Amy’s Turkey-O. Wowzer. It’s not too big. (Sometimes MSH and I share a sandwich if it’s an oversized-‘un.) The toasted onion bun is devine. It has roasted turkey breast, sliced avocado (be still my heart!), jalapeno pepper jack cheese, red onions (which, unfortunately, I must ask them to cut…no can do raw onions…just cooked, caramelized, sautéed—TMI?), roma tomatoes, lettuce and stone ground mustard.

TTDF. (Truly To die for.)

You can get chips or baked chips. Or pay a little extra for some fruit or a cup of their utterly delish tomato basil soup.

We're ginnin’ along with our June Yummy/Yeehaw Paloozas, right? (Yes. Yes, it’s time for TLC to throw in a few. She and Little Leighton have been Busy Little Bees—with Mommy & Me swimming lessons twice a week and other commitments. She’s reminded, every other day, by her Mama, we’re all looking forward to some important/fun/FABULOUS Yummies. Something tells me one of them is going to be a mascara. Wwhhhaaaattttt? No. Seriously? Hahaha.)

Y’all have a Terrific Tuesday, okay?