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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Me, too!

I simply had to respond to TLC’s post this past Monday! Y’all knew I couldn’t NOT have some thoughts, right?

TLC's grateful to be back writing? I'm not 100% convinced. Sharing? Yes. Laughing? Yes. But TLC worries about her contributions to our little blog project. To the point where I’m always a tidbit afraid it’s more of a concern to her than a joy. This blog would not be the same without her. Her posts? Priceless to me. Priceless. I couldn’t bear to think of doing this by myself. A couple of months, here and there? I can handle it. Forever without her? Nope. Not possible. Can’t happen. So I’m the one who is GRATEFUL she’s back. Writing. She makes me laugh out loud like no one else on this Earth.

Those of us who live in Texas cherish this time of year—Autumn! I promise you: If I did a survey—on the street—any street in Texas—in a little country town or a big city like Ft. Worth or Dallas—I’m positive 9 out of 10 people—men, women and children—would say they like Fall THE BEST. Well, maybe the kids would say Summer. Or Christmas/Winter. Let me change that: 9 out of 10 Texans—from the ages of 25 to 95—would tell you Fall is their Most Favourite Time of the Year. Our Summers become so dreadfully, horribly hot, we CANNOT wait for cool, crisp days and nights. But I must say that, of all the people I personally know, who love Autumn, including myself, TLC wins the prize for that person who loves Fall more than anyone else. On Earth. Not just Texas. Seriously. Hands down. Period. End of story.

Little Leighton’s (LL) transition to her “Princess” bed—(It’s not really a Princess bed. It’s how TLC sold it to LL when getting her excited about her “Big Girl” bed. The décor on the headboard looks very similar to a tiara! LL bought it. Hook, line and sinker.)—has gone wonderfully. One of LL’s most favourite things to do is spread out a blanket—she has several to pick from as three Dear, DEAR friends of TLC’s each made a “quilt” for LL before she was born and she totally loves all three of them equally—on her bedroom or the den floor and have a “picnic” with her dolls. She sets them up with food, drink, and entertainment. It makes her Mama and her Grammy smile quite BIG. (Yes. We, too, are required to play “picnic.” Duh. Believe me, Grammy is always happy to oblige Princess LL.)

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I couldn’t have been more honored to help out during LL’s illness. There has not been one second since she was hospitalized that we haven’t been praying for her and hoping we could, in fact, help. We’ve learned so much about celiac disease we believe we could go on a lecture tour, thoroughly educating anyone interested in this mean, hateful illness. We’ve also become quite fond of gluten-free food. I’m not even kiddin’, Y’all. None of us ever needed gluten. Ever.

When I read what TLC says to LL every night? Tears. Many tears fell down my old, wrinkled face. LL truly is brave. Strong. Smart. Kind. And happy. So is her Mom. TLC couldn’t make me prouder if she tried to try harder. She’s a hundred thousand times better at this Motherhood career than I hoped to be. The only thing, for me, that has been more difficult than seeing LL critically ill—in the hospital—and even once she went home—was seeing my daughter suffer with her. I never want either one of them to go through that heart-wrenching ordeal again.

Please, Dear God Almighty, let there be nothing but healing and good health for both of My Girls—from this day forward! PLEASE. Amen.

So I loudly declare: Me, too! I’m so grateful. For TLC and LL. For MSH. For life. In general!

Smooches and Hugs, Dearest Friends…

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