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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Leighton ...

As y’all know, Little Leighton (LL) had a rough, ROUGH summer. Her diagnosis of celiac disease came as a shock to all of us. Gluten-free for her has meant gluten-free for her Mom, Dad and any and everyone who is lucky enough to dine with her. It’s a huge, complicated, critical and quite expensive challenge that has consumed TLC for almost two months. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I have been learning where all the gluten-free products are in the grocery stores within a 100-mile radius of our country casa. Although I reassured TLC weeks ago that I could handle getting our posts done, this “research” on our part has taken alot more effort than I anticipated.

This past Friday, I went to visit TLC and LL at their home in North Dallas. TLC’s husband was spending the weekend bird hunting at his family’s ranch southwest of Dallas. I was invited to a “Girls Only!” escape—and was (as I know you understand) thrilled to drive east for this lovely invitation.

LL’s diagnosis has changed not only all of our “diets,” but also our entertainment habits. We can no longer just go out to eat. We have to make sure the restaurant/café has a gluten-free menu and prepares it without “cross contamination.” At this point, we’re actually finding it’s easier to stay home and cook!

The Three Leighton Gals had a FUN visit with our Dearest Lauren (who joined us for lunch Saturday). LL’s new “big girl bed” arrived as we finished, so Lauren got to see what TLC calls the “Princess” bed. It’s not really a “Princess” bed—but TLC has convinced LL the headboard looks like a “tiara.” (It kind of does...) After LL’s nap on said new “Princess” bed, the three of us made a trip to The Mall. LL has become quite a Carousel aficionado—needing to ride the “purple horse” that has lots of sparkly bling on it. (Sadly, a little boy beat LL and I to that pretty horse. LL showed her Grammy how sweet she truly is and graciously let me find her one that had some “purple” on it!) 

Grammy also treated LL to a pair of “light up” tennis shoes! Today was her first day of pre-school (And the longest five hours of TLC's and my life...truly...). I knew she was going to need some extra fun shoes for this Big Day! (I’ll try to have TLC post a picture of them soon.) LL couldn’t take them off the rest of the weekend. She wanted to sleep in them. We convinced her that wasn’t a great idea. Sunday we played, read books, watched Disney Junior—all the things we love to do!

This was the conversation TLC and I shared while having Sunday lunch:

ELC: Listen, I know you thought you’d be able to do the next post, but let me do it this evening when I get home. Or tomorrow. I don’t mind.

TLC: Oh, Mom. I completely forgot. I’m so sorry. I’ve been useless to you and the blog. I feel awful. We should change the name to “lolwiththeleighton”—just take the “s” off and be done with it.

ELC: (as I giggled and laughed until I snorted): Stop. The past few months have been brutal. You’ve had so much to contend with…Little Leighton’s hospitalization, doctor appointments, lab visits, phone calls, shopping for gluten-free everything, cooking even more than you already do, helping Little Leighton cope with this huge change in her little life. I think the least I can do is a few more posts to our blog. So done. And done.

My intentions are to do a teensy bit better about posting than last month. TLC has taught LL to say “Patience is a virtue.” I hope y’all will be virtuous! I also hope everyone had a wonderful weekend…May this new week be full of fabulousness—sheer and utter fabulousness—for each and everyone one of y’all!

smooches and hugs from,

The Leighton

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