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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sensational September!

This is a small-ish version of a post we did on September 2, 2012. It was originally called:

Seriously? September?

TLC and I would like to SUGGEST that, as you START this new month, you be:

Sociable; self-assured; SPIFFY; saint-like; SYMPATHETIC; skillful; SIGNIFICANT; spunky; SELECTIVE; sagacious (yep—look it up!); SILLY (why not?); SASSY; sophisticated; SCRUPULOUS; scholarly; SERENE; and self-confident.

PLEASE DON’T BE: scruffy; SHADY; a scaredy-cat; SCANDALOUS; sloppy; SAUCY; sinister; SLOSHED; sarcastic; SMELLY; showoffy; SELFISH; sedentary; SCORNFUL; salacious (another one to look up?); SHIFTY; a scamp; a SKEPTIC; sour; or STERN.

Don’t run with SCISSORS. Don’t be a SLUG. Go to a SYMPHONY! SHUT the Front Door! Visit with a SAGITTARIUS. Learn the SAMBA or the saxophone. Don’t schlepp (but you can SCHMOOZE) or SCOFF or secondguess or SCREAM or scribble.


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