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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Sugar Cookie Yeehaw!

Not. It's tea!

TLC gifted me this cute box of tea a couple of weeks ago. (And, funny story, I had given her a sack—the very same day—with some goodies in it, including a “Candy Cane” tea! Great minds think alike, apparently…)

Anyway, this tea is beyond YUMMO. It absolutely, positively tastes like a sugar cookie. (How’d they do that?)

Since it’s decaf, it’s perfect for those nights in front of the telly (Hallmark Channel has the BEST Christmas movies EVER!) when you want something sweet but you really, truly shouldn’t have those peppermint Hershey's Kisses or M&Ms that seem to be calling your name. I put one Truvia packet in a cup of this deliciousness. (I’m sure Ms. “I’m-Not-As-Addicted-To-Sugar-As-My-MamaELC” TLC would leave sweeteners out. Although, she might use a teensy bit of honey. Good for her! For moi? The sweeter the better. No apologies.)

Try this some cold night soon…I’m betting you’ll like it!

Love and Smooches and Hugs, Sweet Friends Everywhere…Happy Weekend...

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