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Sunday, December 21, 2014

my wacky dream...

(I promise to finish my NOLA of these days!)

I have completely bizarre dreams. I don't always remember them. When I do, they're usually cRaZy. Such was the case Friday night.

This particular night, I dreamed the Pioneer Woman, her husband and kids wanted me and my family to accompany them on a mission trip to N.K. (The country I won't name but is involved with the Sony debacle.) My husband and I agreed to go (though I vividly remember thinking this wasn't a good idea -- well, DUH!) but left Little Leighton with ELC and My Sweet Dad.

Then there were the logistics of actually getting there, since you obviously can't fly direct from the U. S. of A. We opted to go via China. We boarded one of those huge, fancy planes. Ended up in the cheap seats -- a wooden bench with no windows. Sheesh.

We stopped in China for a bit to help some other missionaries build a school. I also remember something about Christmas presents...and princess toys. Not sure how those two things related to building a school. When it was time to catch our next flight, we were running super late. I remember flying through the airport (with my rolling bag and a box of diapers -- ???), searching for the ticket counter. I kept running and running, completely exhausted from all of my school "building." It was like I was on a treadmill -- because I was not getting anywhere.

I was beyond grateful to wake up...

(I'm hesitant to try to interpret this dream...yikes... many scary possibilities...)

Hoping y'all have had a Happy Sunday! And that your dreams tonight are peaceful...