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Friday, March 13, 2015

one more down...

Yep. ELC. I’ve been hit by YUCKINESS. This will be my second day of feeling quite awful. Wednesday I wasn't doing great—but I was functioning. I don’t believe it’s the flu—like My Sweet Hubby (MSH). I’m fairly confident this is what TLC has had for weeks. Thank you, Doll.

By the way: Lucky for me, MSH has improved enough in the past 24 hours to now become my nurse. He’s not 100%. I’d say he’s 60-70%. Mostly we go from the bed to the couch to a chair to the microwave (for a cup of hot tea) and then back to bed. Sigh.

TLC and I often talk about the fact that I typically don’t come down with “normal” stuff. Colds. Flu. Tummy bugs. No. I prefer, instead, to get the BIG stuff. As a child and the oldest of four, I was always the one with health issues. Asthma. Severe acne. Sinus headaches. Hideous cramps that would cause me to stay home from school for a day or two each month.

After I got married, I fell off a 3-legged stool and crashed through our front living room window, cutting my right arm open—including an artery, muscles, tissues, etc. The dangerously fast trip to the ER meant surgery and an extra night in the hospital. Soon after that incident, I was plagued with twisted intestines. More surgery. I had an emergency C-Section to birth Ms. TLC. A hysterectomy eighteen months later.

It goes on: Right after I turned 40? Breast Cancer. I’ve talked about that experience with y’all in past posts. Possibly ad nauseam.

Over seven years ago, I suffered total deafness in my left ear. At some point down the road, I’ll tell y’all more about that. What happened to me is technically called SSNL. Sudden Sensorial Neurological Loss. Basically, it covers the loss of one of a person’s  senses –suddenly—and with no explanation. I feel I have an idea about what might have happened. Suffice it to say it’s not been something I would wish on anyone.

Six years ago? My first broken bone. Which, I must confess, was amazing, considering  my overall lifetime clumsiness and everything I'd been through (see above!). Broke my right wrist falling in our shower one Labor Day morning. I had to have surgery a few days later for pins to be put into my wrist. Wore a camo cast for almost four weeks (in honor of Dove Season). I can assure you I've been as careful as anyone could be in the shower since that day and everywhere else I go. I'd prefer no more broken bones, thank you very much.

Since TLC was born, thirty one years ago, I’ve had the flu once. I’ve had a few colds. I’ve had this viral laryngitis issue two-three times. Overall, I’ve stayed healthy enough to be my family's Nurse/Nanny when they’ve had the flu, broken bones, back surgeries, colds, heart attacks, babies, etc. I’ve stayed well when everyone around me was falling like flies. My luck clearly ran out sometime late-ish Wednesday. I'm fearful I'm down for the count for a few more days. Sheesh. I promise I will strive to be more upbeat and happy next week, Darling Friends!

Even Us Sickies, though,  are happy to say:


Smooches and Hugs and Ta-Ta for Now