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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One step forward...

…and two steps back…       

We’d actually be thrilled to just be standing still. However, it feels more like we’re falling behind…farther and farther every hour…SIGH.

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I were to meet TLC and Little Leighton (LL) in Ft. Worth this past Saturday morning. LL was going to spend two to three nights with us at our country casa. But, late Thursday afternoon, TLC phoned and admitted she was not getting better. She’s been sick for approximately four months. Or maybe it’s four years. We’re finding it difficult to keep accurate track of our  family “illness” time! She asked me if we could bump the visit up a day. Her plan would then be to come to our casa on Sunday—spend the night—and go back home, with LL, on Monday. That was A-Okay with us. We cherish all visits with Biscuit.

Saturday, around noon, MSH admitted to me he wasn’t feeling well. Couldn’t quite put his finger on what, exactly, was wrong. He was worried it could be viral. He didn’t think it was what TLC currently had. He just felt “yucky.” He did his best to help me with LL’s dinner (not breathing on it!) and bath (not breathing on her!) that evening. Then he crawled into our bed and crashed. Hard.

By Sunday morning, we were beginning to suspect his symptoms could be a case of the flu. All of us (me, MSH, TLC, Her Hubby and LL) had our flu shots, mind you. Back in October. We also were quite aware, through the national news’ media's continued reporting over the past three months, the shots we had might serve as virtually no protection from the flu.

TLC, feeling somewhat better herself—after being in her bed for 2 ½ days—arrived at our home around 3:00 on Sunday. She was worried about her Dad. LL and I had been steering clear of him all day. He now had fever, chills, aching and TONS o’ congestion. I sent a text to a good, dear, sweet friend of ours who is a pharmacist, asking her about some OTC meds we had and whether or not MSH could take them—with his past heart issues/condition/stent and his high blood pressure. She encouraged me to contact our doctor. She explained the prescription Tamiflu—which I’d also asked her about because neither MSH or I had ever had this script—had to be given within 48 hours of the first flu symptoms. (We did remember this from LL taking it for her recent “flu.” Plus, MSH Googled it. What did we do without Google?) We guessed MSH’s  48 hours would end mid-Monday morn. Her pharmacy was going to close at 6:00 p.m. (this was 3:30ish) and we’d be cutting it close to get it in time the next day.

Long Story Semi-Short (teeheehee...): Thanks to our FABULOUS Primary Care Physicians, I went to town to pick up the Tamiflu before our pharmacy closed. The first dose was administered to MSH at 5:45. MSH and Buddy Bear went over to our Barn apartment for the night—so as not to expose me, LL and TLC to any more of his evil germs. (Of course, it could very easily have been too late for moi. Time will tell. Tick. Tick. Tick. And LL, according to her pediatrician about a month ago, said she’s already had the flu. TLC and I are skeptical. Please, PLEASE, Dear Lord God Almighty, let it be true. Let LL have some protection from another round of sicky-sick-sickness.)

We checked on MSH (via texting and a couple of actual-in-person visits) for the next several hours and many times on Monday morning. TLC went into town for an appointment at her bank. After lunch, she and LL left for home at 1:00. MSH slowly made it back to our house and our bed. Buddy Bear was quite relieved to be "home."

The Good News? TLC’s mucho better today. LL and I are still hangin’ in there. MSH? He’s not a Happy Camper. He had an extremely rough night. No sleep. Fever. Aches. More YUCK. It doesn’t seem like the Tamiflu is making anything easier/better for MSH. The time frame we guessed could have been off. We’ll be going to the doctor (or ER!) if he gets worse in the next few hours or by tomorrow morn.

All of this long explanation to, once again, beg for your kind patience as TLC and I try to get back on a posting schedule! Sheesh. Our intentions get better and better as our health issues continue to annoy us and drag us down.

We pray each of Y’all are well—healthy—and happy and that you’ll have a Wonderful Week—Wherever in the World Y’all are…

hugs and BIG (air!) smooches…