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Thursday, March 5, 2015

winter in the shade...

It was one of those

March days when the sun

shines hot and the wind

blows cold: when it is

summer in the light, and

winter in the shade.

         --Great Expectations

Is this not the loveliest description of March? I’ve read it and reread it. I’ve bugged TLC to read it. And reread it.

We’ve had more bitter cold, icy, snowy, “Thank-you-but-we're-very-much-over-it!” kind of weather in North Central Texas. TLC got sick, again, Monday evening. (Little Leighton has been doing great! Knock on wood. Sigh.) I drove the two hours to their casa Tuesday morn. I was only going to stay for the day and early evening. But, since, TLC was puny, I took a bag and three extra outfits—in case she got worse or I got snowed/iced in. We’d heard the Weather Peeps talking about a cold front coming through on Wednesday that could involve snow and/or ice. Since they seem to be accurate about 50% of the time, I thought it could be a problem—in terms of driving back home.

When I saw how TLC looked—and sounded—I did decide to spend Tuesday night. We’d see how her illness progressed. She wasn’t much better when we awoke yesterday morn. I was faced, though, with the possibility of needing to stay until late Thursday afternoon because said Weather Peeps had become certain the bad stuff was coming. Sometime afternoon/early evening-ish.

TLC rallied long enough to take Little Leighton to pre-school—sans lipstick and earrings (basically in her jammies—I mean no offense but YIKES, TLC...)—and I did some errands for her. Went to a Sprouts Market for the first time in my long life. AWESOME store. Freshest fruits and veggies. Extremely clean. Exceptional customer service. I’m now jealous of another store TLC has easy access to!

On my way back to her casa—after a stop at a CVS for more cold/sinus/generalyuckinessmeds—I picked up some chicken noodle soup for Sicky TLC and moi at a convenient Panera. BEST. SOUP. EVER. Truly. TLC has been living on it for days and days. I positively swear on my own life that Ye Old Wives’ Tale about chicken soup being good for a cold is 100% true. I’ve believed this now for at least ten years. First sign of me coming down with a cold? I’m consuming it like water. (By the Way: I don't feel that it has to be homemade chicken soup. Progresso works marvelously for me! Winky wink.)

TLC’s Hubby was going to be working from home this morning, and there was no place Little Leighton needed to be (She started ballet and tap lessons on Tuesday afternoon—stay tuned for that update!) today, so we deemed it wise I head west asap. I departed TLC’s casa at 12:30 noon. Typically, a good, safe and (legally) fast trip to my back door, from her front door, takes a little over two hours. On the President George Bush Tollway, approximately nine miles from TLC’s casa, I hit ScArY rain—mixed with sleet. I white-knuckled it to the east side of Ft. Worth. From there to our home, it wasn’t too hideous. The trip did take me nearly three hours. I was happy HAPPY HAPPY to be on my davenport by 3:50 p.m.!

We were blessed with more snow last night. (I say "blessed" because it is moisture. We're in a drought. We'll take water any way we can get it.) TLC and Her Gang got probably over four inches. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) believes we got maybe two. He and I are marooned up here on our hill until at least mid-afternoon. The sun is out and the sky is a beautiful blue—so we have those gifts from God to comfort our weary winter souls!

Hey—March: We’re ready for more light—less wind and cold, ‘kay? DEAL.

ta-ta for now, Silly Friends…Stay warm and cozy…and hopeful for a delightful Spring season…