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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fireworks Numero Deux!!

Awww…Summer. The time of year when too many of us struggle to find something interesting to watch on television. TV viewing, with My Sweet Hubby (MSH), is quite the challenge. In fact, long about now, we pretty much find ourselves in separate rooms most every evening.

Then...what do I discover this past weekend? Donnie Loves Jenny! On A&E.

Okay. So, a couple of things:

I’m not generally fond of Jenny. She’s a little too much for me. Do you know what I mean? I’m in my early 60s. I don’t really get a lot of her humor and I don’t always approve of her language, behavior and stories. I think she’s a beautiful young woman. I love that she has done everything in her power to help her son, Evan, have a good, happy life. After seeing five of these shows? I now like her mucho better. Truly. (Her radio show? Which they feature almost every week? Uh, no. Not my cup o' tea. The title alone makes me run the other way.)

Donnie. I think he was in New Kids on the Block. Right, TLC? How TLC treasured NKOTB. (I think I might have known a few words to a song or two of theirs.) Now Donnie is on Blue Bloods. I adore Blue Bloods! On CBS. Friday nights. Do I watch it? Not often. Please don’t ask me why. MSH and I were faithful fans the first two seasons it was on. Then we slowly drifted away from it. Tom Selleck? Oh. My. Gosh. If you don't love Tom? Move on along. We're on different planets. (J/K. Kind of...) Donnie? He is GREAT in Blue Bloods. Even though I’m clearly not a loyal fan, I’d recommend it. Seriously. I would. Just talking about it makes me want to watch it. Right now. Sigh.

I came on Donnie Loves Jenny this past Saturday. Channel surfing for something—anything—to watch. Yes. I heard when they got engaged. Yes. I knew they were going to have a reality show. It never occurred to me to check it out. After watching the first one? Hooked. Me. Hooked. Completely, totally and hopelessly hooked. DVRed all that I could and binge-watched them Sunday. A new season starts soon! Like maybe this week…(If I were a nice person—I’d look that up for y’all. Okay. I’ll go do that. Back…Season 2 premieres July 15th!)  I can’t wait.

Donnie charms me. He makes me laugh and smile. A lot. If I'm not laughing, I'm smiling. Or giggling. He is funny. Sweet. Just the right "sarcastic." Smart. Thoughtful. Wonderful. I'm out of words. Jenny’s Dad—Macky? A positively priceless man. P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S.

I now have the Wahlberg brothers' reality show on DVR. If I like it half as much as Donnie Loves Jenny, I’ll be in reality show heaven.

Try Donnie Loves Jenny. I promise you this: It’s at least as good as those insane New York Housewives…SHEESH. I cannot believe TLC has me watching that train wreck of a show. (The Bachelorette is about to do me completely in as it is...) I. Must. STOP.