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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fireworks Number Three!!!


(Speaking of almonds, Autumn says she often thinks of my post Crazy Almonds, February 26, 2013, when she thinks of My Sweet Hubby. Check it out.)

If you’ve never tried Blue Diamond almonds, well, apparently you don’t like almonds. Yes, they can run a little high-ish. To moi? Worth every single penny.

These are two new flavors I’ve just discovered and I’m loving them! (They cost about $3.69 each.)

I allow myself 12-15 almonds—instead of a full serving, which is usually 24 to 28—at least four out of seven days a week.

My new thing is to wake up in the morn and drink a chocolate protein drink we get at Costco—160 calories and 30—that’s THIRTY!—grams of protein.  About an hour or two later, I grab some almonds. I attempt to make myself drink a bottle of water. (Water is so boring to me. I have to force myself to drink it most days. I shouldn’t admit it. But that is the truth. Sigh.) This usually gets me easily to lunchtime.

I should be eating the Blue Diamond raw, unsalted almonds. Of course, I should. Absolutely. I do buy those occasionally and mix them in with the FUN almonds.

I think my favourite of these two is the dark chocolate. But I find myself craving the caramel, too.

Try ‘em—bet you like ‘em!

Have a Wonderful Weekend, Sillies!

Smooches and Hugs,